Satanic Temple to defy law upheld by Supreme Court mandating burial of fetal remains

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(Worthy News) - The Satanic Temple said it will challenge a recent Supreme Court ruling requiring the burial or cremation of fetal remains, alleging that it violates the group’s religious liberty.

The temple, which does not actually believe in the existence of Satan but vehemently supports the separation of church and state, said the court’s recent order upholding an Indiana law goes against the group’s religious freedom.

“One of the Satanic Temple’s fundamental tenets is the inviolability of one’s body,” the Satanic Temple said in a statement. “Members ... believe that nonviable fetal tissue is part of the woman who carries it.” [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Satanic Temple to defy law upheld by Supreme Court mandating burial of fetal remains”

  1. Prohibition against orgies, drinking babies blood and cannibalism probably also violate their religious beliefs. Oh, I really feel sorry for them. There are no cool water fountains in HELL.

  2. "The temple, which does not actually believe in the existence of Satan..." Um, right, yeah, to anyone foolish enough to believe that one, "Wanna buy a bridge?"

    In many ways they've laid the argument for we, Pro-lifers, who can't figure out all the women dressed as Handmaiden's and SNL skits demanding abortion as some "human right," are denying so hard.

    These women (and men, and theirs too) deny a fetus's body is that of another person, that of a literal human being who is someone other than it's mother. It would actually be wonderful if these nuts (and much worse) took it to the US Supreme Court. Because there is no doubt, scientifically, that the body of a fetus is not the DNA of it's mother. It is it's own and not the DNA of it's bio father either. The unborn may be totally dependent on its mother and her body for life, but like the Feminists, and others, shouting about their "right to abortions," it is a different human being from that person upon whom it gets it's life support.

    The person in a coma, in a hospital somewhere, on life support is not the machine which provides it's oxygen and IV food and medicine. The person who has to go and be hooked up for dialysis, because their kidneys no longer can do the job, is not now that dialysis machine. So too, an unborn infant, in utero, is a specific human being all it's own. It is entrusted into it's bio mother's care and obviously, in the USA, that's the problem. Mothers (and fathers, and grandparents) who should no longer be entrusted, like this Satanic Temple, with the bodies of such tiny and vulnerable unborn next generation.

    But they've nailed it right on the head. Their (beliefs) deny the fetus is not one and the same body as the mother. If this were just some wart, some benign tumor in Mom's GI tract, yes, she has the right and authority to decide if it should be removed or not. And, yes, if some warts and/or tumors are not removed they will indeed grow, and worse.

    What we are talking about is not an aberration of the mother's own tissues. That is the point. So, let The Satanic Temple argue this point with local, state and then federal agencies/courts. Let them. Do any Scientists, esp in Genetics, have any results that align with The Satanic Temple that a growing fetus in it's mothers womb is of the same DNA as it's mother? It gets the codes for it's own unique DNA from it's mother and it's father, which comes down from their parents, etc. But the literal body of said infant is it's own body and what does the USA do when a child needs bodily protection? It appoints a Guardian (usually, Ad Lidem) to protect the child's interests.

    Because a child is not owned by its parent. It's parent has custody and a duty as a sort of Trustee for all their children. Esp no one would ever have to pay child support.

    Also, perhaps law enforcement should do an (undercover) investigation to see just why The Satanic Temple feels the need to be so exempt for this issue. Just what are they doing with fetal tissues instead that they are willing to fork out so much money on lawyers, instead of cremation and/or coffins per law there?

    Only a fool would believe they don't believe in Satan.

  3. Don't be decive by this group, they are deciver to the world for fool will say and believe satan is not exicit

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