Atheist group sues Texas judge for 'unconstitutional' opening prayer

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U.S. Justice System

(Worthy News) - An anti-religious group is suing a Texas judge for opening prayer -- for the second time.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is suing Montgomery County Judge Wayne Mack, who is Justice of the Peace for a precinct about 50 miles north of Houston, for an opening ceremony that includes pledges and prayer. The Wisconsin-based group said the practice violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

“Judge Mack’s actions remain unconstitutional,” Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF co-president, said in a statement. “We’re relitigating to safeguard the U.S. Constitution and to keep our country’s courtrooms equally accessible to all people, regardless of their personal religious or nonreligious beliefs.”

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5 thoughts on “Atheist group sues Texas judge for 'unconstitutional' opening prayer”

    • Why? Did they insult the Judge? Objecting to someone's actions is not defamation of character. Insulting, esp with lies, is the stuff of defamation. Like telling people the President of the USA is mentally ill, that's defamation of character. Actually, anytime someone defames, takes fame away (whether one has fame or not) constitutes defamation. Legal "Defamation" has stricter rules than that.

      I have nothing against the Judge opening with "pledges" (why is that plural? Isn't only the Pledge of Allegiance" to the USA the only appropriate one? And prayer? I pray all the time. And I'd lead a court in prayer too if it were up to me, like the Judge. But as for it being "legal" to do so, that's another question. What if the Judge prayed to Allah? Wouldn't you be one of the first to say that's illegal in the USA in a secular court?

      The Official stand of the USA is that there is no God. How can any American expect the God, whom our country says doesn't exist, to then bless it?

      Think on that a bit.

      • Angela, where did you get the idea that the official stand of the USA is that there is no
        God? That may be taught in the propaganda mills we call universities, but anyone with knowledge of our historic and official documents would not believe it. The First Amendment exists to keep the Government from imposing any one religion on the citizenry, and to allow the citizens the freedom to exercise their religion without government restriction. That's completely different from saying there is no God, which would be an Atheist Religion.

  1. No God? What a weird and ridiculous claim. The constitution makes it clear there is a God, the Christian one as it talks about the separation of church and state. If there is no God, why would they do that?

    And the Montgomery County Court House is not the Congress as in Congress shall make no law etc.....

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