WA Supreme Court Doubles Down to Punish Christian Florist, Despite What US Supreme Court Ruled

U.S. Justice System

(Worthy News) - The case of a Washington state florist who was fined for refusing to make a floral arrangement for a gay wedding in 2013 could go back to the US Supreme Court.

On Thursday, the Washington state Supreme Court stood by its earlier ruling against Baronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene's Flowers.

As CBN News reported last year, the US Supreme Court had rejected Washington's previous ruling, ordering the state justices to review their decision against Stutzman and consider whether they violated her religious rights. [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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6 thoughts on “WA Supreme Court Doubles Down to Punish Christian Florist, Despite What US Supreme Court Ruled”

  1. It's because, since it is/was a business doing business with the whole public, the public sees this the same as when, in the deep South (and elsewhere in the USA), a black person walked into a diner and sat at the front table and tried to order lunch, the same as everyone else.

    In that light, they are correct, it is discrimination. She had warning. She knew the laws had changed to included the whole of the LGBTQ groupings.

    Again, why should she be helped by this same bunch of Conservative Christian attorney's who help not the widows or the fatherless in the USA? Why should she not lose her lands, or home, or husband, or children, or grandchildren, her jewels, her furs, her fine art, her cars, her reputation, her livilihood when Christians and Messianics in the USA do and have been doing so for decades.

    While these same attorney's take nothing to even the District or Superior courts, locally, the most persecuted in America. She wants to keep her business? Then, run it like the business it is. It's not a Christian business. It is run by a Christian. There is no such thing as a Christian business (that gets to discriminate). There are only Christians (and Messianics, and M. Nazarenes) who run ministries and/or businesses.

    She's not a church, though apparently she'd like to think so. And every "Church" in the USA will likely lose it's ability to "discriminate" likewise. The enemy of our souls, of everyone's soul, has a Supreme Court precedent now. And we all know how they can twist one thing to define and take down, or put up.

    So, Trump may win the next election. What about after that? Is anyone getting ready for what comes in when Trump no longer can stay in the White House? We have term limits for Presidents. It may feel like a coup, but it's not really. It's a time for the USA to help Israel, while trying to protect the unborn, and a few other things.

    It's very important that Protestantism does not go down with Catholicism in the USA in coming years. Her attorney's are looking for love in all the wrong places. First, help the widow and/or fatherless in this nation...

  2. They impose burdens on the people to lead them astray from GOD. Jesus said we would be persecuted for following him.
    Here in lies an example of what is more important your business or JESUS CHRIST?

    • So True.

      Luke 23:31, "For if they do these things in the green tree, what shall be done in the dry?" ESV

      Are she and her supporter Christians (with all their Churches) unaware that Jews have lived these things in every place, and in every time, and in every country and nation, they have lived in?

      Try being Jewish and a Believer, see what that gets you. It is an honor to be so persecuted for the cause of Jesus Christ. At least, that's what Yeshua (Jesus) and his apostles (talmidum) teach us.

      May God give this woman rest, as in R&R, so she can better plan out her life. It is not God's will for her to be waging war unnecessarily or out of His will. If it is His will that she fight this fight, more power to her. Was this a personal function she did for just a few friends? And the gay couple were not friends of her? Were they trying to make her give to them what she only did on the side, for free, for friends and relatives? The distinctions are not made clear by this news report.

      That the US Supreme Court "has an opportunity" to reconsider this matter, does not at all, guarantee that they will. They can simply refuse to hear it and that's that.

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