Ugandan Muslims Wield Influence Against Police to Shut Down Open-Air Evangelism

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by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Bwera, a city on Uganda’s Western border with Democratic Republic of Congo, has banned open-air evangelistic preaching due to threats from Muslim clerics following the conversions of 35 Muslims.

The Anglican Church of Uganda, the Sound of Salvation Ministry, and the Church of Uganda of Bwera Custom Church held a tent revival on May 20th at which former Muslims proved the divinity of Jesus from the Koran, stirring the ire of local imams, who marshaled hundreds of Muslims to march on the local police station in a successful bid to have them shut down further meetings planned for May 25th and 26th.

“We cannot allow the Christians to use the Koran in their meetings or to allege that Jesus is the Son of God – this a serious blasphemy to Muslims,” said Muzamiru Aramanzani, head of the local Mosque, according to pastors who spoke with Morning Star News.

Despite a sizable Christian majority at 84% of the population, claims have surfaced in recent years that Uganda’s significant 14% Muslim minority has been gaining in strength due to the activities of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Sharia-law touting rebel group that seeks to replace the Ugandan government with an Islamic State.

According to an AP report, Muslims in Uganda are claiming to have bagged hundreds of thousands of conversions to Islam—forced or otherwise—from Christianity and Catholicism in recent years.

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5 thoughts on “Ugandan Muslims Wield Influence Against Police to Shut Down Open-Air Evangelism”

  1. Wait, wait, wait.

    Former Muslims proved the divinity of Jesus, from the Koran?

    Where is that list? Where?

    Why is it not with this report? We need that. We needed that a long time ago. The USA is still a safe place for us to do open air and street evangelism. At least in large areas it is, still. And someone knows how to prove Jesus' divinity using a Koran? We need that. Those souls about to be "born again" as in "born from above," from within Islam.. the ladies in veils which I ride with daily, the ones in full garb leaving on their eyes to see, I could pass that list to them, on the bus, here, today.

    We need that list of Koranic verses to save their souls. And Anglican's are in on it? Our God works in mysterious ways, still, and even now. God bless 'em. God, bless, them.

  2. Muslims seem to forget, and grossly ignore, that for it to be blasphemy to say something negative about Mohamed, he'd have to be a god, or have been a god. Detracting from a messenger is nothing more, or less, then saying something detracting about the post man who brings you the mail. Even the greatest Post Man (Messenger) is no more god than the least of them.

    And the basis for Islam is (supposedly) that it can only have one god, the one they call Allah. And if his words were so valuable, why then, did no one bother to write them down while Mohamed was still alive? Or even soon thereafter? Why wait 3 hundred years to do so? And why were the (supposed) memories of his wives included? How is it that a widow of Mohamed's could testify on her own, being a Messenger on her own, a woman, for the writings valued as the Koran?! His widows even give hadith and sunna too!

    Was it not his widows who instituted the practice of Islamic women and wives wearing the full veils? So that male groupies who hung around after Mohamed's death would not see them and continue to harass them? Who then is the idolater?

    Perhaps the USA should begin to institute laws and punishments for those who defame our Christ. For those who insult God's Son?

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