Christian baker Jack Phillips sued for the third time over LGBTQ cake order

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(Worthy News) - Christian baker Jack Phillips of Colorado is facing a third lawsuit over his refusal on religious grounds to make certain cakes, the latest legal battle for the Masterpiece Cakeshop owner.

Transgender woman Autumn Scardina filed a second lawsuit against Phillips last Wednesday in District Court for the city and county of Denver, Colorado.

In the new lawsuit, Scardina claimed that Phillips violated Colorado's Anti-Discrimination Act and Consumer Protection Act by refusing to bake what the plaintiff labeled a "birthday cake."

The "birthday cake" as described in the lawsuit, which was to be blue on the outside and pink on the inside, was supposed to symbolize Scardina's transition from male to female. [ Source: Christian Today (Read More...) ]

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13 thoughts on “Christian baker Jack Phillips sued for the third time over LGBTQ cake order”

  1. When will this madness end. Bar tenders can 'extract' drunks, from establishment, for drinking too much, so why are they not sued for discrimination agains drunks!!!! Because this thinking is not normal. It is crazy, it is discrimination against believers who do not choose to accept homosexuality.

  2. There's more to this story that's not being told. The customer was boasting about the transgender thing. Had he/she/it kept it's mouth shut about the intended purpose of the cake, it would of been baked, delivered and all parties would be happy. BUT, it was a *set-up* just to bring more financial hurt to the baker.

  3. This is the secon time this person has sued him. This is harassment. He is not the only baker, yet this individual keeps going back and ordering cakes that he/she knows will be against the baker's beliefs. If the person had just said, I want a birthday cake that is blue on the inside and pink on the outside and says happy birthday, he would have made it. But he person had to be sure and tell the baker that it was for a transitioning party because he/she knew it would be against the baker's moral code to make such a cake. Ridiculous AND harrassment!

  4. Oh, cringe. Worthy will get in deep trouble with the law if they let posts calling a transgender persons a he/she/"it" as two so far have done so far, in just the posts up to this one.

    How many people are an it? Do you know a lot of its? Because I don't and I've been around and cognizant now for 65 years in this United States and a few other countries too. Are the writer's "its" because we might not know their gender? Worse than that (in my opinion) is the one who did the "" one.

    And no, I'm not LGBTQ-lover, at all. But I do know what kind of things besides cake decorating and/or floral arrangements the LGBTQ Activists and/or Advocates like to make a full blown legal storms (and drain the finances of Christians) over. If you don't know someone's gender, call them a They or Their. You can always backtrack from that, by just asking then which pronoun they'd "like me to use?" When you can't ask, refer to them as a they or their. Yes, it makes no sense. But it's not like you'd call some straight person a they are a their, so we all know whom is being referred to. To refer to trans people, or one trans person, as an it or (cringe) things, is right up there level with what they'd like to take a Christian news outlet to court over. Don't let's set up Worthy for that folks. You're not hurting the gays or trans, when you insist on being rude, you're shooting Worthy in the foot when you do that and then click "Post Comment" like George even gets a chance to review it first. Keep your disgust in check, it's not "them" who will get hurt.

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