Christians in Iraq Struggle to Reclaim Ancestral Homeland in Nineveh Plains

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by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Christians in Iraq are struggling to reclaim their ancestral territory, according to a new report by International Christian Concern (ICC).

The Nineveh Plains, traditionally home to Iraq’s Assyrian Christians, were an early target of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi's Islamic State Campaign, which saw hundreds of thousands of Christians displaced and sent to neighboring Kurdistan.

Now Christians attempting to return home face a threat to repatriation on three fronts: The Iraqi government, which seeks to reappropriate Christian farmlands for Shi’ite use, the Iran-backed Hashd a-Shaabi Shi’ite militias themselves, and ISIS, which declared a new insurgency in April despite US claims of its territorial defeat in March.

“The problem is that there are still some accidents caused by ISIS, and some accidents caused by some groups existing in the Nineveh Plains who are supported by militias and the Shia parties and also by Iran,” a Christian priest from Nineveh Plains told ICC, referring to a pair of fires affecting Christian farmlands in the cities of Karamles and Qeraqosh at the end of May.

Since 2003, Iraq has lost around two thirds of its former 1.5 million Christian population, which dates its beginning to the apostles Thomas and Thaddeus.

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4 thoughts on “Christians in Iraq Struggle to Reclaim Ancestral Homeland in Nineveh Plains”

  1. The title of this article is knowingly deceptive. Then, I look and see it was a Worthy Corespondent who wrote it!

    A "Christian priest" is a catholic. Now which kind of catholic it is that supposedly traces it's faith back to the apostle Thomas, he doesn't tell us. Maybe Catholics care, but we have enough true reports of Christian Persecution to care about.

    Call them what they are, what they openly and honestly call themselves, either Catholic or one of the Orthodoxy groups there.

    Sure, it's wrong and terrible for them to now be defrauded of their lands. Tell them to skip talking to Saints and all the angels and put their petition directly before the Almighty, Wonderful Creater, the Ancient of Days and God and Father of Y'shua HaMashiach. They know him as Jesus, our Christ. Tell them to read the Book of Hebrews in their New Testament. And tell them he is the only priest they will ever need.

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