Putin says Russia-U.S. relations are getting 'worse and worse': Mir TV

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(Worthy News) - President Vladimir Putin said in an interview published on Thursday that relations between Moscow and Washington were getting worse and worse, noting that the current U.S. administration had imposed dozens of sanctions on Russia.

“They (relations) are deteriorating, getting worse and worse,” Putin told the Mir TV channel.

Putin made his comments ahead of a G20 summit in Japan later this month at which he might meet U.S. President Donald Trump. [ Source: Reuters (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Putin says Russia-U.S. relations are getting 'worse and worse': Mir TV”

  1. Obama started all of this.

    One has to wonder "Why?"

    Remember the Olympics, in Russia? During the time Obama was in the White House? Russia then, had laws (rules) regarding what could published (on air/TV also) regarding homosexuality. And in came the Olympic athletes, the EU and American gay ones used to flaunting their "partners" and spouses (from some countries) and Russia reiterated it's rules. It reminded everyone that they have laws regarding what can be shown and/or taught to minors and homosexuality isn't one of those things. Russia did not just go and arrest "in your face" gay Olympic Athletes (or their spouses), but Obama sided, and very internationally, with all the LGBTQ crowd to shame Russia. And shame Putin it did, worldwide. Any Russian on the face of this Earth could tell you that was stupid. Or it was (evil) smart if that was Obama's goal.

    The US also published videos and photos of American Athletes who were used to whirlpool baths in their shower rooms, sitting in garbage bins washed out and filled with water. Obama (and his kind) thought that it was no big thing to shame Putin (personally) and all of Russia, all around the world. In fact, they did it so well, and so completely, one has to wonder just why? Just who are the "hawks" and who are the "doves" in all this now?

    The Bible has a saying for "offending" a "brother" too long, too hard. Proverbs 18:19
    "A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city, And contentions are like the bars of a citadel." He can not them be won back (short of a miracle). So then, the Dems continued it, when Russia interfered in US elections, to oust Hillary, and the Dems from competition. Hillary was on Obama's team that had humiliated him. She was Secretary of State. Any idiot could see the what Obama was doing was trying and accomplishing public humiliation of Putin. Putin had just got back into the top position once again, in Russian after he had run up against term limits and had to stay out for another to get that job. Then, he came back. Because he chose it that way. No one should mess with a man who can take up and put down, and them return when he decides to, to the Presidency of Russia.

    Only one US President has ever done that. Out of all 44 President's of the United States, only one ever did what Putin did, have to leave and then returned.

    While it might be illegal for US persons to work with Russia to sway US elections, it's a tactic that got us Iran never forgiving the US. The USA not only does it to other countries, it has done it so many times, no one even know them all. Worse than that, the USA is doing it currently. It's what Trump just did (and the UK went livid) in London by publicly throwing his support for Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London, to replace their PM May who is leaving that job.

    In comes Trump at Inauguration. Trump, being more savvy than most realize, pays kind and careful respect to Putin and gets shown the true nature of the Democratic Party in the USA (not that the Rep's are any better, just different). While Trump keeps Putin at bay by being constantly respectful, using the manners his mother taught him, as a boy, most news agencies in the USA use that to vilify Trump. Meanwhile, Trump knows just how many, and how often Russian MIG's incur into US/Alaska airspace. Really, like Trump behaving like he should to international leaders (for a change) makes him guilty of anything besides knowing just how mad "the Bear" over there is.

    Could be why Netanyahu also has behaved with respect towards Putin too.

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