Pastors alarmed by Christian leaders' push for Calif. churches to accept homosexuality, transgenderism

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(Worthy News) - Individuals who once identified as gay are speaking out against a resolution in the California Assembly that calls upon pastors and other civic leaders to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism, and condemn "conversion therapy."

The resolution, ACR-99, Civil Rights: Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people urges counselors, pastors, churches, educators, and others to avoid supporting the historic Christian view of sexual ethics. The measure says such support can result in "disproportionately high" rates of suicide, attempted suicide, and depression among persons who identify as LGBT. The resolution makes a point to condemn in broad terms what is often referred to as conversion therapy, calling the practice, also known as sexual orientation change efforts, "harmful." [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Pastors alarmed by Christian leaders' push for Calif. churches to accept homosexuality, transgenderism”

  1. Anyone who has studied the social processes (including their political history) of the Nazi's, and their Hitler, coming into power, and then overtaking the national religion of Germany, and whole German Lutheran denominations, can easily recognize that this same process is trying to take over the Christian Churches in California. It's happening by the same processes. The Church Age is over. Can't see it? Neither can I, most days. But we do not walk by sight, but by faith. The "Church Age" was a fantasy all along. Congregations have been real. Assemblies of Believer's have been true and faithful. But Churches? Only among the Catholics who invented the term, and that isn't anything to brag about either. A Protestant protests against being included in Catholicism/Orthodoxy. That means s/he flees the Churches. That said, we all do have to "stand" firmly for the Faith once delivered to God's saints. By "saints" I mean, the ones gone before us, no sleeping, and all of God's people alive at this time (and those coming in during our lifetimes here on this Earth). We can not know them all. But the ones we are sure about, them we must love. To do that, we have to forgive them. And their sins. Else, how can any of us claim to belong to Jesus Christ? That is, Y'shua HaMashiach.

    Freedom of Religion means that those who wish to stay with Allah, or Buddah, or "Yome" themselves silly, have the right to do that. And we (and the Jews) have the right to stick with the same old Bible and Holy One of Israel, as it has been written now for long over 2,000 years. The Mosaic Law may have been superceded by a better, the New, Covenant through Messiah's death and Resurrection, but everything else in the Old Testament applies with the same force it had before Christ died.

    People, Jesus rose from that grave. He was (and still is) God's Word Incarnate. Incarenate means to take some thing (God's Word) and make it into a human being. To Resurrect is to bring back from the dead. Both things are true of Jesus (Y'shua). The Protestant Pastors like to note that if Jesus was God's Word (which he was, and still is) then when he died, God's Word died too.

    Okay. True enough. However, that's only half of the logic. the rest of it is that the Word of God which died and was buried, rose from that grave as Alive as he ever had been. More than that, while he was alive, having Risen, he was being transformed into the glory he had with The Father. It was a slow Resurrection all the way transforming into the glory with which he had on high before he came.

    Therefore, God's Word returned to the power it had, he had, before he came to earth, before he was stripped naked and nailed to a cross to die, then did die, and he went to Sheol and preached "the good news" to them who had died believing God's Word spoken to them so long before that day.

    Sure, the Bible is God's Word, aka Torah. However, without the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) which of those verses jumps out at you? How far can any of them transform you and your soul? They have to be Alive in order to meet your need. God has to speak them to you, if they are to become part of you. Until then, without God's Holy Spirit it's like Jesus on that cross, it's him, but it's not Alive until God makes His Word alive to you.

    There were times in Jerusalem, when priests lined up to be killed, trying to keep the Temple there from being defiled by invaders. If they could stand their ground no matter what, what is wrong with our leaders? Why do they fold at the least hint their children too might be stolen from them. their wives might be Feministed like so many Christian women. How many of them are going to jail for standing firm for "the faith once delivered to the saints"?

    It's fine to tell us about them, and for whomever to try to change the laws making us criminals when we are nothing of the like. But what we really need is for those who will lose their businesses (like Cake Makers have) and homes (like so many Christian parents have) until that fact that this goes on all over in the USA, only not quite as blatantly maybe, is broadcast from the west to the east and southern (hemispheres)!

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