Appeals court rejects Trump's request for border wall funding

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U.S. Justice System

(Worthy News) - The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday rejected the Trump administration's allocation of $2.5 billion from the Department of Defense to pay for construction of physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The appeals court ruled 2-1 against the lifting of a lower court's decision to block President Donald Trump's move to use money allocated for Army personnel needs on border wall construction stating, "the use of those funds violates the constitutional requirement that the Executive Branch not spend money absent an appropriation from Congress." [ Source: UPI (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Appeals court rejects Trump's request for border wall funding”

  1. The court ruled it's illegal to protect yourself from foreign invasion by building a wall. Israel built a wall. Mexico built a wall on its southern border. China build a wall long ago. Saudi Arabia is building a wall on its border with Iraq.

    But judges in American Courts ruled it's illegal for the United States to build a wall to protect America.

    Can we just fire these judges? Who made them final arbiters as to what we can do to protect ourselves from invasion? Next they'll say that we have to let in all foreign invaders to prove that we're a nice country .... and this will lead to the end of this country.

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