U.K. Report: Christian Persecution 'Overlooked in the West'

2016 World Map of Christian Persecution

by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - The final version of a UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office report was released at the beginning of July, detailing Christian persecution worldwide and citing a failure of Western governments to even recognize it.

The report, originally commissioned by UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jeremy Hunt in December of last year, recommends the UK place sanctions on countries where Christian persecution is widespread, among other stopgap measures it says are designed to halt a process coming close to “genocide.”

Among errors in the U.K.’s judgment regarding Christian persecution was a “religion-blind” policy toward foreign aid, which often contributed, for example, to radical Muslim education in countries like Pakistan that fueled persecution toward Christians.

As part of this pattern, the report found that Christian persecution had "to some significant extent been overlooked in the West".

"Quite rightly, witnesses felt, there was an outcry from the UK government over the Rohingya Muslim crisis in Myanmar, but politicians and media said very little about the Christian minority groups who were targeted as much as the Rohingyas, and who also had to leave their homes and country," wrote Bishop of Truro Philip Mount Stephen, who gathered evidence for and composed the report.

In terms of statistics gathered from Christian NGOs and foreign aid workers, the report notes that of 197 countries in the world, 144 reflect significant trends of Christian persecution, while 80% of the people persecuted for their faith worldwide are Christians.

"The sense of misguided political correctness that has stopped us standing up for Christians overseas must end,” said Foreign Secretary Hunt, responding to the report’s claim that Christians are the most persecuted faith in the world.

Proposals for the protection of Christians in the report included the adoption of a UN security council resolution, religious literacy training on the extent of Christian persecution for Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) workers, and coinage of a term comparable to “Islamophobia” and “Antisemitism” to denote the unbridled hatred and persecution of Christians going on around the world.

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4 thoughts on “U.K. Report: Christian Persecution 'Overlooked in the West'”

  1. This is because our pastors have always told us that as Christians, we need to play "nice" with our enemies. But Joshua wiped out enemies ..... so did David. What's wrong with this picture. Now, we're getting overrun.

  2. For the most part, western "Christianity" has become a social status instead of a belief and love of God. It has been meshed with lowly politics in many western nations, especially in America.

    Americans, and other western "Christians" believe that a baker receiving a fine for refusing to bake a cake is horrible persecution. I had read many comments by western Christians crying out that "We are being persecuted, people!" after the baker had received the fine. That is not even close to persecution! However, most western Christians have never been weaned off the bottle. They have no idea what actual biblical persecution really is because of a lack of proper teaching from western pastors and "Christian" parents.

    While true, enthusiastic, God-fearing Christians in countries like India and Nepal are having to watch their families being raped and tortured before their slaughter, all because of their belief in Jesus, self-proclaimed, self-centered Christians in the US, Canada, Europe, etc. are crying and whining about how a baker received a fine for not baking a cake. For those who do not see the lopsided scales there, open your eyes and see what is going on outside of your own overly protected wealthy borders.

    From where I sit, I can see which parts of the world will turn against God instead of being a willful martyr if needed.

  3. Well, "duh."

    I'm glad I didn't hold my breath for that one to come out.

    "It's about time."

    "Better late than never."

    "A day late and a dollar short." But I'll take it, anyway.

    And even with the UK pointing that out, having done a professional study, will anything change? Of course, the UK is lumping all the Anglicans and Catholics (which means Orthodox Christians also) in with those being called "persecuted" Christians but hey, at least they paid for the study. Real Christians are in the mix, and there should be some Messianic Jews/Gentiles in the mix also because those people still thing all Messianics ARE Christians. But at least it's public and well studied now.

    "How can (we) soar with eagles, when (we) work with turkeys?"
    (Author: unknown)

    Ask CNN when they plan to start (and I do mean begin) to air known (they can do "suspected" later) abuse of Messianics in the USA? How about Jewish Voice? They plan to expose what's going on in the USA to their own yet? Because the MJAA sure isn't doing it. Nor do any of the supposedly "American" Christian news outlets. Oh, we got lots of extremists on YouTube saying everything from "the Illuminati are real" (Sorry, Dan Brown made that up to sell his book, just ask him) to "all the people with RH negative blood are, in fact, reptilian."

    Fact is, you can not bash Darwin (Evolution) and still play his game that humans are descended from monkeys (primates). Rh (Rhesus) positive blood in a human still means it comes from Rhesus primate monkeys. It's highly more likely that those who have Rhesus (a type of nonhuman primate) positive blood are those whose ancestors mixed with Rhesus monkeys. It has been a long time since Noah and his family began the human race all over again, after the flood.

    While those without it, referred to by phlebotomists as Rh neg, or Rh-, are just those whose ancestors didn't. That doesn't change that all humans are sinners, with only some forgiven through Jesus Christ because those who are, chose to be. And those who are not yet forgiven, just haven't turned to him for the forgiveness he won for all. The RH- nuts need to find a different reason to hate Queen Elizabeth II and some of her ilk. It won't be hard, just look.

    Just as those Asian Christians who likewise play that game, only with it's Asian racist twists (that says blood types determine human personalities) need to look to Christ for forgiveness of such divisive doctrines too.

    See? More often than not, "Christian Persecution," "in the west" is those who identify themselves as Christians (and/or Messianics, or Nazarenes) shooting their own wounded. The same is very true in Messianic Jewish circles. It stems from racism (on both sides) in the ranks. It's a carry over from the racism so rampant in non-Messianic Jewish circles. Any Messianic Jew (by birth) knows what I mean, by that. If "the sages" of Rabbinic Judaism had not ever accepted the Messiah of all Israel (and the world now too), how could they be your leaders? How does someone who knew not Y'shua, as Master, lead you? Esp if he's now long deceased? Oh, he leads you buy illuminating "custom and traditions." Okay. And the writings about Balaam's donkey helped me quite a bit in growing up with no human leader/teacher, too.

    We need a new denomination. One that uses Acts 15's rules (there's only 4 of them) from the first apostolic council (named there). Christianity and Messianic Judaism, and Nazarenes all. As well as those who identify as Ebionites and Netzarim, Galileans (the original name that Rome gave to the followers of Y'shua, called Christ). And everyone else who calls upon the Name of the Son of David, God's Lamb of God.

    All of the decisions of Catholic councils need to be thrown out. God didn't decide those issues, they did. And they decided to deal with problems with attendees attending both Jewish (Nazarene) services and Christian ones by changing the Sabbath. As the Catholic Church, look it up. They openly admit that's what and how it was done. Also, that it was done for exactly those reasons, to divide Jew from Christian. They they started in on other stuff.

    Now, while Theological questions are fun to debate, when it flops over into discussing whether we may or should call Mary "Theotokos" it's time to get back to earth. That's when and where it all becomes "so spiritually minded that they are no earthly good." Go scrub out a toilet or something instead. Be useful. diaper the baby. Rake the yard. Wash some dishes. Pick up the kids from school/yeshiva.

    Oh yeah, and be sure to skip over the recent attempt by a guy named Norman Willis, who invented something he owns the rights to, named Nazarene Israel. It's a ponzi scheme, pure and simple, instead. It's not hidden online, anyone can look it (and him) up. At last check, he was hiding out in Chile. Simply saying "five-fold ministry" over, and over, again, in one's materials does not an apostle make. Mr. Willis pretends to integrity by putting down those religious writers who sell their books, to make livings. While he speaks "tithes" before any information he gives out. And he builds an OT replica. It's more an old priesthood, with supposedly Jesus as invisible high priest, all over again. This is what birthed the "catholic" faiths in the 300's AD. A pretend "new" priesthood. Required tithing to deacons, who tithed to elders who tithed to whatever other names he invented. We have no need for a new priesthood, we can go boldly before the very Throne of God. Well, if we are "in" Christ. If we live and dwell and walk and work "in Messiah."

    What fear then do we have?

    Judas Iscariot was actually a real apostle too. At least, he was so for a time. Wasn't he also one of them who was given authority to cast out demons? Don't our Bibles tell us so? Well, maybe that last part is debatable, it doesn't matter. We even know, for sure, that Jesus handpicked Judas too. Judas was one of the original 12, and fell anyway, all the way "to perdition." For so those same Bibles say. So, some experience of being called to be an apostle (present day) requires the man (or woman?) to live as one too. All "the Way" to the end. Don Finto, take note. Any real prophet or apostle has to continuously point the Way to Y'shua, the Messiah who came, and lives again. And who will return for us all, "asleep, in Christ," or living.

    This is true also for Evangelists. See? No Christian doubts that God still gives us present day Evangelists. So, let's use that for an example, instead. Even Billy Graham did err. He wasn't infallible either. Franklin Graham erred too. Well, he did. As have I. And you. And every other Christian, Netzarim and Messianic who has ever lived. What sin did Billy Graham commit? Besides slandering Jews once? Oh, he sent all newly "born-again" Christian to "go and find a good Bible believing Church," which is just so wrong. Not the "bible believing" part, the "church" part. Churches, that is any Pastor or leader who names their group a "church" is being ignorant, at best. Billy had no excuse for being ignorant in this area. Neither does his son. What is Franklin's "error"? He's alive. It's not my place to expose it now. But he's been told.

    Does that mean the two of them were not "real" Christians? Of course not! Of course they were. We are all of us sinners. It doesn't take a 5-fold apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher (ministry) to tell you that.

    Every (earthly) founder of every legitimate denomination had some great godly truth (think the original Martin Luther (he hated Jews) here, or Abram Poljak (ask FFOZ, if you don't know this guy). Do you really think they got those "pearls of great wisdom" by virtue of their brilliant minds? That's the kind of thinking that gets people following RamBam (ask FFOZ, again) instead of going through "the eye of the needle," to know God's only begotten Son. More importantly, one has to have the Messiah as their personal Savior, their friend, their defender, and protector.
    Like David did.

    None of us are saved by having the exact right views (doctrines) on the Rapture, aka "the Rupture" (in Messianic, and some Christian circles). Seventh Day Adventists take note! Only a right relationship with Jesus Christ (Y'shua HaMashiach) will get you into Eternity with him, in Heaven. Almost (but not all) everything else is debatable. Either Jesus (Y'shua) is God's own Word, come to us in flesh, via a foretold virgin, or he isn't. Call your Bible "God's Word" or Torah, all you want to. However, if you don't have the real and Living Word of God, it's all mental exercises and/or attempts to impress your friends and hoped for acquaintances.

    That the God of all Israel will take me "home," you "home," the righteous "Home" one fine day, should never be in doubt, no matter how our God chooses to surprise us with His great creative solutions, one fine day.

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