Thousands Of North Korean Christians Receive Food And Secret Training

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | Tag Cloud

Eric Leijenaar, Worthy News Senior Special Correspondent

SEOUL/AMSTERDAM (Worthy News) -- Thousands of North Korean Christians have received food and Christian education from a major Western organization, despite fresh attempts by North Korea's leadership to crackdown on foreign aid, Worthy News established Wednesday, March 18.

Netherlands-based advocacy group Open Doors said it gave Biblical training to over 4,000 Christians from the world's most isolated nation in 2008, about 10 times more than in 2007 when "440 North Koreans received Christian education."

In addition, the group said it has provided food, clothing, Bibles and other christian literature to tens of thousands of North Koreans via "underground networks of the North Korean Church" wich "consists of some 400,000 Christians."

Over 54,000 people in North Korea reportedly received food and other social support from Open Doors, nearly a quarter of the aid provided by the group worldwide last year.

News of the secret aid came as the United States State Department warned Wednesday March 18, that North Korea, which suffers from chronic food shortages and where some people are believed to be on the brink of starvation, has rejected food aid from the U.S.


Analysts linked the refusal to concerns within North Korea's leadership that there are spies among foreign aid workers, several of whom work deep inside the country.

Open Doors stressed it would continue to provide food, but made clear that Christians also asked for Bibles. "Christians in North Korea know very little about the Bible," Open Doors spokesman Klaas Muurling explained.

"However North Korean church leaders are less afraid than several years ago. They are now well-trained and spread their knowledge to other Christians," he explained. "We will continue to spread the Gospel in North Korea," one Christian was quoted as saying in a message from the country.

Open Doors said it also supports North Korean women in China, many of whom were allegedly abused by human smugglers. "About 40 North Korean women receive every year Bibles, education and financial support for themselves and their children," the group explained.

North Korea is number one on Open Doors' world Watch List of countries with religious rights violations. Open Doors admitted it had less success in China where it distributed 2.3 million Bibles last year. It wanted to distribute 4 million Bibles, "but due to the Olympic Games authorities enforced strict controls."

Worldwide, Open Doors distributed nearly 4 million Bibles in 2008, the organization said. In total over 114,000 Christian leaders reportedly received Biblical training from the group last year, including in India, where Open Doors noted a rise in attacks against Christians. (With reporting by Worthy News' Stefan J. Bos).

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11 thoughts on “Thousands Of North Korean Christians Receive Food And Secret Training”

  1. Great story! God bless Open Doors for their important work with the North Korean Christians. The 4,000 trained Korean Christians and the estimated 400,000 believers in North Korea may sound like a small number overall, but this is very encouraging.
    May God's church be strengthened in North Korea despite extreme difficulties. I continue to pray for our North Korean Christian family.

  2. Lord,

    Thank You for Open Doors and ministries of the like. Continue to empower them with fearless disciples and pour out Your abundant Love and mercy to the oppressed through organizations like this. Meet ALL their needs and protect them by Your Mighty Power in every dark corner of the world. May the end time harvest of souls for You be rich and Glorious! Amen

  3. Nice article..It reminds me to not forget about those in North Korea and their need for the truth... to pray for them and their government and the Open Door organization.

  4. This information is nice to know and interesting but I couldn't help thinking as I read it about how Jesus warned many that He helped in the gosples not to go tell it to everyone. I hope this article and others like it don't disrupte what the God is doing in that country. That is what happened in Jesus' time.

  5. If we are able to help Christians servive in a rurhless tyranny, why tell the whole world about it? We have to sneak a lot of food a Bibles into an area where if you're caught you will be killed. Why tell everybody that you are able to do this? I mean you might as well send up flares. Now the North Korean guards will be on extra high alert. We have shamed them by getting past their closed doors. They will be extra harsh as a punishment for this inexcusable violation of their police state.

    Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

  6. Thanks to all the people reading this story. Still there are hundreds of lives at stake with you guys publishing what should be secret. Please shut down stories revealing how, when or where we can help other Christians.>>>>>>>>>>>>> Or are you just looking for a pat on the back?

    • I kind of can see what our sister Shannon is getting at here as far as covert mission secrecy, but I do not understand why any ministry would want to shut down "how, when or where we can help other Christians"
      Is that not the whole point of a ministry, to build up the church and reach out to other's trying to be planted?

      If evils persecution afflicts these brother's and sisters as a result, I feel it is part of Gods will and in His plan. He is in control.
      Besides these new brother's and sisters I'm sure will find great joy as instructed in the Word through their many trials, hardships, and persecution.

      No offense, I just think there is more than one way of looking at.

      Blessings to you.

  7. Read your own Title of this story: Thousands of North korean Christians Receive Food and Secret TRAINING ---SECRET---SECRET ---SECRET---SECRET--- GET THE MESSAGE?

  8. Great story. We need this information to remind ourselves of the great gift that WE have in this country. There is much talk about "the economy." Money is not the greatest treasure in this country, freedom (and faith in Christ) is. This will help US to better appreciate what we have, cherish it, and pray more intelligently for our own country, as well (1 Tim. 2:1-3). These freedoms are being eaten away day by day (especially with this new administration). Do not presume that such CANNOT happen here!

  9. I'm a guy
    What I mean is keep a secret in a region where Christians can or will be killed. I think it's wrong and foolish to taunt the Devil. He will respond.
    I understand about persecution, I live in a changing America.

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