Muslim soldiers killing Christian fellow troops

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Soldiers in predominantly Muslim armies have been killing their Christian fellow troops alleging they are “infidels”, Israel365 News reports. There have been reports of such murders occurring in Nigeria and Egypt, among other countries.

In a recent case in Nigeria, a Muslim colonel stole weaponry and blamed 12 Christian soldiers for the theft, I365 reports. Six of these Christian soldiers were then executed. I365 reports that in a statement about this case, a lawyer familiar with the matter said such murders within the Nigerian army began with the coming to power of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The [Nigerian] government of today detests Christianity… This administration is running on ethnic agenda against the Igbo [Christian] population…. This has never been a practice in the Army,” the lawyer said. “Things got changed the moment this present administration came to power, the Things are happening before that didn’t happen. It’s not only about these six soldiers…. Even in the security forces, Christians are being targeted,” the lawyer added.

Nigeria is not the only country where Christians in the military are murdered by their Muslim counterparts, I365 reports. In Egypt, for instance, 10 Christian soldiers have been killed by fellow troops in recent years. I365 described a pattern of conduct that unfolded in most of these cases: “A similar pattern follows [the deaths of the soldiers]: despite all the evidence otherwise (such as physical bruises all over the bodies of the slain), military officials insist that—due to some sudden and inexplicable bout of depression—all these Christians supposedly committed ‘suicide.’”

However, I365 reports, the families of the murdered soldiers attested that the men had been happy and healthy – and there was evidence they had been persecuted because they were observant Christians.

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