Hungary's "Anti-Roma, Anti-Jewish" Party Marching To Europe (Special Feature)

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Stefan J. Bos, Worthy News Europe Bureau Chief reporting from Budapest

Kristina Morvai is Jobbik's main candidate for the European Parliament.
BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (Worthy News) -- Lawyer Krisztina Morvai is a beautiful blond mother who smiles on campaign posters of the far-right party, the Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik). However the red, lipstick smile, of Jobbik's primary candidate for the European Union Parliament soon disappears when asked about her views on Hungary's estimated 800.000 gypsies, who prefer to be known as Roma, and Jewish people.

Opinion polls suggest that Jobbik will successfully march to the European Parliament, in close cooperation with its paramilitary 'Hungarian Guard', or Magyar Gárda, in the Hungarian language.

Jobbik is among several perceived extremist parties that are expected to gain seats during Europe's 'Super Sunday', June 7, when most of the 27 member states of the European Union will vote in the world's largest multi-national vote, with 375 million people allowed to participate.

Voters in Britain, Netherlands, Ireland and Czech Republic, which currently holds the EU's rotating presidency, already went to the polls this week, followed by Cyprus, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia on Saturday, June 6.

The continent's leaders are concerned that Hungary's Jobbik will be part of far-right parties that are expected to capture at least 25 of the European Parliament’s 736 seats, allowing them to create a formal voting bloc.


Human rights groups, including the Budapest-based European Roma Rights Center (ERRC), fear especially Jobbik's Magyar Gárda, whose members wear uniforms and carry flags that were used by Hungary's pro-Nazi regime during World War Two. About 600.000 Hungarian Jews and thousands of Roma were killed during the war.

The Magyar Gárda has marched in several Roma settlements and villages.
The Magyar Gárda has marched in several Roma settlements and villages.

spaceball3Magyar Gárda recruits have marched through Roma villages and settlements, helping to create an atmosphere of hatred at a time when people search for scapegoats for Hungary's deepest recession in decades, according to ERRC investigators.

At least seven Roma have been killed in recent attacks, including a young father and his small son who were shot dead as they tried to escape the flames of their torched home, police and rights groups say.

Yet, Morvai, 45, claims Roma killed each other and strongly supports the Magyar Gárda. She says the group protects Hungarians against what her party calls "Gypsy crime", including murder, after a Roma mob allegedly lynched a teacher.

"They were yelling: "Kill the Hungarian!" And what was the reaction from Hungarian community? Founding the Hungarian Guard who says Hungarian life is valuable," she tells Worthy News and its affliated news agency BosNewsLife.


"Even if the police do not protect people, we are going to protect our own people. We are going to carry out some kind of crime prevention. We are going into the villages to show ourselves," warns Morvai, a former human rights lawyer in Strasbourg and United Nations expert.

Jobbik has also signed an agreement with a radical group within Hungary's police force, 'The Trade Union of Hungarian Police Prepared for Action' (TMRSZ), which has anti-Jewish and anti-Roma views in publications.

At least one of its affiliated writers has even asserted that "anti-Semitism is the duty of every Hungarian homeland lover" and that "Hungary must prepare for armed battle against the Jews" as well as "a Hungarian-Gypsy civil war...triggered by Jews."

Morvai, who also accuses Israel of buying up Hungary and killing thousands of Palestinians, reacts angrily when asked by BosNewsLife about these statements.

"You are so disturbed by the fact that there are some political powers now in Europe and around the world who stand up and say "no" to those guys who you protect, the multi national companies, the multi national capital," she says. Jobbik, she says, has "enough of the terror of multi national capital and multi national companies."


It remains unclear whether another interview with her will be possible. Jobbik now demands journalists to sign extensive media enquiries that include the writer's nationality and a demand to see texts at least 48 hours before publication.

Jobbik requires journalists to give donations for interviews and reveal their nationality among other demands expressed in enquiry forms.

In addition, reporters are required to give a "generous contribution" of a "minimum amount for freelancers of 100 Euros" and "for companies 250 Euros is requested...since by assisting your work we also provide material to be exploited commercially..." As a general policy, Worthy News and BosNewsLife do not pay for interviews.

Morvai has not said how much she will donate to Jobbik if elected from her expected monthly European salary of roughly 7,665 euros from EU taxpayers, much more than the wage of Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai, an economist, who has vowed to just take "one symbolic Hungarian forint" per month as he deals with the economic crisis.

Jobbik's Morvai and other European parliamentarians will also get a flat-rate monthly allowance to cover office expenses and travel in their home country of 4,202 euros, according to published figures. That's on top of their daily allowance of 298 euros, from July, just for attending parliamentary sessions.

In addition, Morvai and her elected colleagues can claim for travel related to their official duties in Brussels and Strasbourg, as well as business class on air, or first class on rail.


Despite controversies, surveys suggest Jobbik will come third and win at least one European seat in Hungary's vote, behind the expected winner, the centre-right Fidesz opposition party, and the governing Socialists, whose support has plunged to an all-time low, amid unpopular austerity measures it says are needed to avoid the country's bankruptcy.

A road builder in his 40s, who identifies himself as Attila Buhoc, says he won't vote for Jobbik, but supports them anyway. "Jobbik works in the interests of ordinary Hungarians. I pay taxes but get little in return from the state. Hungarians like me can barely survive."

Yet, on the streets of Budapest not everyone backs Jobbik. "For me it's too extreme” says Mártha, 28, who recently became a mother. "I don't really like them, they are so aggressive," she adds, as she puts a pacifier in the mouth of her baby. "I don't think I will vote for them."

Analysts say extremism in Hungary and other European nations has been fueled by Europe's worst economic crisis in recent memory and disappointment in the political process. However opinion polls also make clear that over half of Hungarians plan to stay away from the polls, including 39-year-old translator Gábor Básti.


"I don't really feel like voting for any party really. I am somewhat disillusioned with all political players presently," he explains.

Hungary joined the EU in 2004 with nine other mainly former Communist nations, followed by Romania and Bulgaria in 2007.

Básti suggests that people in the region have often high expectations that EU membership will improve domestic troubles overnight."Probably everywhere in Europe, but in Hungary in particular, the whole election campaign is now centering around domestic issues. People are somewhat misled into believing that voting for this party or that party will somehow change something..." (Parts of this Worthy News story also airs via Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster and affiliated networks).

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  1. Praying!

    "O Lord my God, in thee do I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me:"
    Psalms 7:1

    Save Now!

    "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call."
    Joel 2:32


  2. I think what the world never learned from WWII is that each and every nation has had it's scapegoats. It has always been that way. In the USA we now have the newly created all purpose, equal opportuntiy, no discrimination allowed, Mentally Ill. What makes all this harder is there is such a thing as valid criminals whom any decent society needs to separate from themselves. Some do it by imprisionments, by stoning, or by shunning. The methods abound. And disputes abound as to what, and how, and why implementing those methods to remove criminals from the vulnerable is biblical and/or humane. Too often those who scapegoat believe they are administering justice. The apostle Paul, formerly Saul, really believed he was doing right to persecute early Christians. How much more so those who know they do evil. And that's where our English word Prejudice (pre-judging) comes from. A lot of prejudice comes from gossip. Official gossip is propaganda. Those it's aimed at are "cursed." And it's not to be taken lightly. For any group to call themselves Christians (Christ-followers) and yet shift the blame on any one, any group, or any thing, wrongly is exactly why Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden. This is why it is so very important that we, each of us, have that personal relationship with the God of all creation. His Spirit convicts us of both being right (righteousness) and when we are wrong. We need to know not what others think we're guilty of, but what we really are guilty of. So that we might repent. And so that while not wearing others sins we might be able to then serve Him. It's pretty hard to repent of sins we are not guilty of. And incredible pressure to not repent of what God really is telling us we do wrong. It was not when Adam and Eve first sinned that God kicked them out. No, God waited. It was when Adam blamed his wife for what he had done, and she blamed a snake because she had trusted the word of a snake instead of God's Word that they got kicked out of Paradise. Then, they got cursed and kicked out. With a promise for redemption from that road to hell. Scapegoating will not cease. We all need to know how to deal with it when it comes. Jesus is not called a Savior for no reason. King David knew God's Word as his hands on savior here, as well as for his soul and in eternity. God saves here, and now, in our daily lives. Humankind not listening to God is just too blind. And even with God's help too many of us do not notice God actually lets us scapegoat one person. In fact, He actually approves of it, as long as it is one, and only one person, that He gave us just for that purpose, to teach us all just how incredably stupid it is. The name of that Lamb is Jesus. In Hebrew, it's Y'shua.

  3. Again we are back to the Gypsy/Jew thing just like in Nazi Germany! Let it be known that Mengele started his 'research' and twins expermentation on Gypsy children a few years before it became a Jewish holocaust. (Porrjaimos) I think my gypsy race is the second most hated race of people on Earth. Being first generation Zingaro/Magyar gypsy with my lineage coming from my father's side in KisVarda Hungary born in the is easy to forget what happens in our Homelands. Jobbik sounds to me like a Vigilante group who devours at will--when and where they want to. Ethnic cleansing again in the name of the Law! And if retaliation occurs or self defense--then the outcry comes. In these cases, Justice is not only blind, but deaf and dumb as well....and it's getting this way in the U.S. as well as well kill the unborn, and the infirm among us and call it 'mercy killing' or 'assisted suicide'. God Almighty Odel/Devla is the only Giver and taker of life that is Just. Human life has become a commodity and valuing one life over another devalues it all.

  4. That is the most horridly biased article i have read in a long time. Jobbik is a Christian Church-based party, concerned with the fact that the ruling neo-communist regime has BANKRUPT the country and that most of Hungarian industry has been bought out by international capitalists who wring the necks of the population for every last cent. Hungarians now struggle under enormous economic burdens and essential public services in the country have been subsequently slashed.

    Media and police decline to expose enormous Gyspy crime-rates against Hungarians, however rare "racist" "neo-nazi" attacks the other way are reported in international media as if Hungary is a fascist stronghold. Absurd references to the Nazi occupation of Hungary are only invoked by the historically ignorant - Hungary DID NOT deport Jews or Romas under its own free will. Hungary was OCCUPIED AGAINST ITS WILL by the Germans, who carried out the deportations themselves. Would you say the same about Poland or France?

    The mass of media attacks against Jobbik of late has been staggering and indicates that the party has something to say which international lobby groups do not want told. There has never been any suggestion of 'ethnic cleansing' of Roma - Jobbik promotes full integration of the community into Hungarian society in order to REDUCE their isolation and crime rates. These slurs against conservative Christian parties are commonplace these days, however i dare anyone to read the policies of Jobbik and try to find anything racist, hateful or untrue.

    The Garda is nothing but a natural reaction to the fact that police (and the wider public service) in Hungary are so corrupt that they cannot be trusted to protect their citizens in any way from violent crime and theft. Hungarians are a proud people who will not be victims in their own country, and deserve the right to stand up for themselves. Hardened socialists who have bankrupted an entire nation have no right to lable anyone as an extremist.

    To educate yourself on this issue, find a speech by Dr. Krisztina Morvai. A committed Christian mother with mainstream social values, she is the face of Jobbik and it is not suprising that the public have turned to her party.

    Make your own assessment of the party here:

    • "Vona is especially proud of the Garda and Jobbik's Internet presence. The Internet, he says, allows interested allies to sidestep the lies of the liberal media and find out for them- selves what the Garda is and what it stands for."

      "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." Matthew 24:12

  5. Certainly, there is no surprise in Hungarians’ turning to a political party that actually does something to protect rural Hungarians against gypsy crime (nobody can deny that it does not exist!), and that trenchantly criticizes the current government for its running down of the country’s economic wellbeing by selling its assets to non-nationals. That Jews are very over-represented in this government is well known, and that many of them profit handsomely from their position of power, with dubious legality, is also well known. Everybody heard Simon Peres giggling about Israel’s ‘buying up Manhattan, Poland, Hungary …’. Are Hungarians supposed to be chuffed about this? And is it really antisemitic of them to object?

    Neither a Jobbik nor Magyar Gárda member has ever done the slightest thing that damages gypsies or Jews, nor does it attack them per se and en masse: Jobbik takes a stand not against gypsies, but against gypsy crime; Jobbik does not take a stand against Jews. It takes a stand against those Jews in positions of political power who abuse their positions. Yet, like the leader in this thread, the Anglophone media uniformly portrays both Jobbik and the Gárda as vicious organisations that are ‘anti-Roma’ and anti-Jew. Why is this gross distortion of truth so widely spread?

    • Jobbik takes a stand not against gypsies, but against gypsy crime; Jobbik does not take a stand against Jews. It takes a stand against those Jews in positions of political power who abuse their positions.”

      "And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient," 2 Timothy 2:24

  6. "Jobbik takes a stand not against gypsies, but against gypsy crime; Jobbik does not take a stand against Jews. It takes a stand against those Jews in positions of political power who abuse their positions."

    There is a difference, for those who have eyes to see, between taking a stand against crime, and taking a stand against "gypsy crime" (sic). Either you are opposed to crime in general or you have a preference depending on someone's ethnic origin. No mystery at all that people might notice this is in fact actually plainly racist and nothing else. The same goes for what you claim about "those Jews in positions of political power who abuse their positions." (sic) as if it wasn't the fact of hypothetical abusing of power that mattered to you, but whether anyone who did so were Jewish or not.

    It isn't hard to see. It must be a big effort to avoid seeing it though.

    • There is a difference, for those who have eyes to see, between taking a stand against crime, and taking a stand against “gypsy crime”


      What Ever Will These "Christians" Answer When Asked.... Where Are My Children?

      "Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me." Mark 9:37

      "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
      For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."
      Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

  7. Jobbik is like the KKK in America. Racist, fascist, hateful people trying to blame minorities for all the problems in their country.

    They are using the "Christian" claim as a cover for hate mongering. True Christians do not support hatred, intimidation, violence, and segregation.

  8. Paul and Sophie, many thanks! The western liberal journalists must learn much more about the real situation of Hungary.

  9. BS, You are stupid, ignorant, and uninformed. Ku Klux Klan is a violent killer far-right organisation, and the Jobbik wants that the law and public safety prevail everywhere! They have not committed any crimes, and they a system-critical party = they talks about lot of real things, which the "mainstream", "politically correct" media concealing!

  10. And very important: 'far-right or extrem-right' (violence) and 'radical right' (system-criticism) is not the same!!!!!

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