Survey: Most Christans feel encouraged and inspired after church worship services

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A new poll released this month shows that a large majority of Christians who attend church worship services are encouraged by the experience, Christian Headlines reports.

The Barna Research Group’s 2021 State of the Church survey found that 82% of practicing Christians who attended church in the last six months had left a worship service feeling encouraged “most of the time.” Of US adults who had been to church in the last six months, 67% said they felt encouraged “most of the time” after a service.

Most of those who attended church also said they had left worship services feeling “inspired.” According to the poll, 78 percent of practicing Christians and 65 percent of adults who went to church said they “feel inspired ‘most of the time,’ or more often, after participating in a worship service.”

Moreover, a similar percentage of practicing Christians (77 percent) and church-going adults (65 percent) said they felt forgiven “most of the time” after a worship service. However, 40 percent of church-going adults said they felt “guilty” about half or more than half of the time after a service.

In any event, the poll shows that “roughly seven in 10 practicing Christians (71 percent) and three in five churchgoers (59 percent) also affirm that, ‘most of the time,’ they leave worship feeling as if they’ve learned something new,” Christian Headline reports.

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