Myanmar Christians fear for their lives following coup

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Afraid for their lives in the wake of the February coup, some Myanmar Christians have fled their homes to hide and live in the jungle, Today reports. The Myanmar junta has now taken to raiding churches, as well as homes, offices, and businesses.

Myanmar Christians were vulnerable to persecution even before the coup. The country’s exceedingly long civil has exposed Christians to harassment and violence from both the army and insurgent groups, Christian Today reports. Over 100,000 mostly Christian people live in camps for the internally displaced. However, the coup has made things even worse for believers.

One Pastor, whose identity has to be protected, reported that he moved his of 18 families into the jungle. Christian Today reports that these Christians “dug the ground, made a hole and are now staying there most of the time.” With the price of food so high following the coup, Christian Today said, “the community cannot afford to buy rice, so they forage roots and leaves from the jungle.”

Another Christian from Myanmar’s capital Yangon, told the Open Doors watchdog group: “Every day I hear the sound of gunshots and grenades near my house. Most homes do not turn on their lights after 8 pm and nobody makes any noise. We stay indoors during the day too. We cannot go out except for shopping for groceries and taking out the rubbish. I live in the middle of Yangon without .”

Myanmar Chrisitan leaders are working to provide food and practical assistance to those in the church who need it while praying for a better future in the country, Christian Today said.

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