Gaza Shaking As Israel Launches New Strikes

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

(Worthy News) – Gaza City shook from north to south early Monday as Israeli fighter jets attacked several locations.

In a brief statement, the Israel Defense Forces said that “IDF fighter jets are striking terror targets in the Gaza Strip.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel’s attacks were continuing at “full-force” and would “take time.“

Israel “wants to levy a heavy price” on the Hamas militant group, he said in televised remarks flanked by his defense minister and political rival, Benny Gantz, in a show of unity.

Witnesses said the latest airstrikes lasted for about 10 minutes and were heavier than previews attacks.

They were reportedly carried out in a broader area and lasted longer than a series of air raids 24 hours earlier in which scores of Palestinians were killed.

Earlier Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City flattened three buildings and killed at least 42 people on Sunday, Palestinian authorities said. Locals described that attack as the deadliest single attack in the latest round of violence between Israel and the Hamas militant group that rules the Gaza Strip.

Separately an Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building that housed The Associated Press news agency and other media organizations in the Gaza Strip.

Israel defended the strike saying Hamas group militants used the building. However, the AP’s top called for an independent investigation into the airstrike.

There was mounting pressure on Israel to halt airstrikes, despite an ongoing barrage of rockets fired by militants from the Gaza Strip targeting the Jewish state.

There were protests in major US and European cities urging Israelis to halt attacks on the Gaza Strip. French police use tear gas over the weekend to quell a pro-Palestinian march banned in Paris, the capital.

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