Uganda: Christian leader beheaded, tongue cut out by Islamic extremists

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by Karen Faulkner, Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Right after leading six Muslims to Christ during a public debate on May 3, a pastor in eastern was followed home and murdered by Islamic extremists who cut out his tongue and beheaded him, Morning Star . The killing was the latest murder of Christians by Islamists in Uganda.

The father of 11 and a pentecostal pastor, Thomas Chikooma of Komolo village had been invited to participate in a public debate in nearby Pallisa town, MSN said. During the debate, Pastor Thomas defended Christianity using the and the Koran – and fourteen people, including six Muslims, made a decision to accept Christ.

As people were being led to Christ at the debate, angry Muslims began chanting “Allah Akbar,” or “Allah is greater,” causing Pastor Thomas to leave the area with his son. “Two motorcycles carrying two Muslims each and dressed in Islamic attire speedily bypassed us,” the pastor’s son told Morning Star News. “When we were 200 meters to reach our house, the two motorcycles stopped at the junction opposite Nalufenya primary school and the road near our house.”

Sensing trouble, the pastor instructed his son to stay at a distance while he spoke to the Muslims. “Immediately some commotion began as the men started talking about the open-air debate, and soon one of them slapped my father,” Pastor Thomas’ son said. “I got scared and fled through our cassava plantation and arrived at home.” The pastor’s wife, Jessica Naikomba, then began to search for her husband with neighbors. “As we continued doing the search, we found my husband in a pool of blood, beheaded and his tongue removed,” Naikomba told Morning Star News. arrived and have begun an investigation.

In a statement, Salvation Ministries International bishop Denis Akora, said: “The family needs prayers, financial support, and trauma counseling at this trying moment.”

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