Israel may reinstitute ‘green pass’ as COVID cases rise

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy Correspondent

(Worthy News) – As COVID cases in are rising again, and in light of the possible impact the new, highly contagious Delta variant may have in the country, Israeli health officials are considering reinstituting the “green pass” system that allows only those who have been vaccinated to attend indoor public spaces like restaurants, All reported on July 1. Israel has already reimposed the indoor mask mandate that was lifted just a few weeks ago.

Israel is currently recording 300 new COVID cases a day, but the Health Ministry anticipates this may increase to 500- 600 cases next week: the Delta variant which originated in is thought to be 40% more contagious than the original strain.
There are currently 26 people in hospital with severe cases of the , AIN said.

Accordingly, Israeli Health Ministry officials are also considering whether to reinstitute the “purple badge” system, which required businesses to operate under certain new rules, AIN reports. Both the green pass and purple badge systems of restrictions were lifted on June 1.

Meanwhile, Israel is restricting entry to travelers arriving from countries with high infection rates, AIN reports. Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said in a statement to reporters: “The situation at Ben-Gurion Airport is the central concern. The simple solution is to close the airport. But the situation today is different than it was, and we’re trying to keep the airport open. But if morbidity rises, the flights will stop.”

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