Mounting Pressure On Unvaccinated Americans

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent

(Worthy News) – There is mounting pressure on millions of Americans to take vaccines despite concerns about their side effects.

The Post newspaper claimed that “frustration mounts” among vaccinated Americans – including government, business, and health leaders. They “are growing frustrated that tens of millions of people are still refusing to get them,” the paper commented.

Officials within the administration of U.S. President are increasingly framing the current outbreak as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

They seek to persuade and perhaps even frighten some holdouts into getting the jabs, The Washington Post reported.

However, not everyone agrees with this policy. Congressman Jason Smith accused the Biden administration of using Communist tactics dating back to the Soviet era.

“The Biden administration wants to knock down your door KGB-style to force people to get vaccinated!” he wrote on .


And seven months after the first coronavirus shots were rolled out, millions of Americans may be forgiven for having reservations about being reluctant to get a jab, critics say.

Vaccine hesitant Americans cited reported cases of blood clots, though vaccine supporting doctors claim such incidents are rare.

Skeptics also site reports of vaccines cause deaths, DNA alteration, and reporters infertility or congenital disabilities, as among reasons.

Vaccine supporting medics claim reports are either false or limited to relatively few people.

Worthy established that many people are taking vaccines, including one of its reporters, who experience flu symptoms and pain in muscles.

In addition, , one of the world’s most vaccinated nations, has questioned the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against the newly discovered Delta variant. It said it was “weaker” than health officials had hoped,

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made the announcement last week as 1,000 people tested “positive for coronavirus.”


Despite the evidence that jabs may do little to prevent new outbreaks, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, a Republican, lashed out at unvaccinated people.

It’s time “to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for new outbreaks, the governor stressed.

And America’s National Football League (NFL) has imposed new rules that put pressure on unvaccinated players.

It warned that teams could face fines or be forced to forfeit games if those players were linked to outbreaks.

“I think for a lot of leaders, both in government and in business, patience has worn thin,” Matt Gorman, a Republican strategist, told The Washington Post. “There is an urgency that might not have been there a month ago.”

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