Thousands Protest Hungary’s ‘Anti-LGBT Law’ 

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy

(Worthy News) – Thousands of Hungarians, many armed with rainbow flags and rainbow umbrellas, have demonstrated against a law that bans teaching about and issues in schools. Saturday’s Budapest Pride march came after the self-declared Prime Minister Viktor Orbán confirmed a referendum on what he called the “child protection” legislation. 

The vote will have five questions, including: “Do you support minors being shown, without any restriction, content of a sexual nature that is capable of influencing their development?”

“LGBTQ activists visit kindergartens and schools and conduct sexual classes. They want to do this here in Hungary as well,” 
Orbán explained. 

However, Károly, a 24-year old gay student, disagreed. “Young people spend most of their time at school. So it is already tough for them to come forward and say they are different. I remember how difficult it was. Therefore I think it’s important to teach this at schools,” he told at the protest. 

But Prime Minister Orbán made clear that educating children about sexual morals is primarily the task of parents. And, the Hungarian leader warned that school policy is a matter for Hungary, not “Brussels bureaucrats.”

His comments come ahead of elections next year with Orbán seeking backing from Hungarian conservative voters who in general support traditional family values.    

However, the is now threatening to use budget allocations to pressure Hungary’s right-wing government to reverse its decision.

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