Israel considers reimposing lockdown as COVID-19 numbers rise again

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by Karen Faulkner, Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Israeli health officials are considering reimposing lockdown by the end of this month as the number of cases and of patients seriously ill with the have again risen to levels that are causing concern, the Post reports. However, the government is hoping that the launch of a third vaccination campaign for the over 60s will bring the numbers back down in the next two weeks.

In an interview with ’s Army Radio on Thursday, Health Ministry director-general Prof. Nachman Ash said Israel had registered over 3,000 cases for the third day in a row, JPost reports. If the third vaccination campaign for the older population does not improve the situation, a new lockdown may be required, Ash said.

“We do not want to reach a lockdown, but the reality could make it a necessary step,” Ash attested. “We have started a third vaccination campaign to reduce the serious morbidity, and if we see a decrease it could prevent – or delay – more difficult steps,” he said.

On Thursday, the number of seriously ill patients was 241, JPost reports. This figure was five times greater than it was on Wednesday and nearly 90 times more than it was a week ago.

“Experts fear that if serious morbidity continues to grow at a similar rate, by the end of the month Israel could have as many as 1,600 serious patients, overwhelming the health system,” JPosts said in its report. “The hope is that the third shot to people over 60 – who represent the majority of serious patients – is going to change the trend.”

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