Iran nuclear deal: Arms race in Middle East potentially at stake as talks resume

iran nuclear deal

(Worthy News) – What could be the last chance of preventing Iran going nuclear gets under way this week. Nuclear talks resume. Potentially at stake is a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, or regional escalation and conflict.

Some estimate it would now take Iran only a month to build the bomb should it shrug off all constraints and go all out. Others estimate that “breakout time” at little more than six months.

Israel is so deeply alarmed it is dusting off plans to bomb Iran’s nuclear program. For years it has waged a secret war on Iran’s bombmakers, assassinating leading scientists and using ingenious cyber tactics to sabotage their work. If necessary it says it would take military action. Iran’s leaders have repeatedly talked of wiping Israel off the face of the map. [ Source: Sky News (Read More…) ]

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