China Releases Street Evangelist

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

BEIJING (Worthy News) – Chinese authorities have released a street evangelist who the Chinese Communist Party detained for evangelism in central China, Worthy News learned Thursday.

Chen Wensheng confirmed he had been arrested after preaching in the Hunan province city of Hengyang.

He was reportedly freed on March 26 after serving seven days in administrative detention and eight days in a drug rehabilitation center. “His time in the drug rehab facility was because of his former life as a drug addict – before he experienced God’s miraculous healing and deliverance,” added Christian advocacy group Voice Of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC).

Chen is seen as a “Gospel Warrior” for his “unwavering passion for spreading the Good News of Jesus,” despite Communist opposition, according to friends and activists. “This faithful believer has been arrested multiple times by the Chinese Communist Party. But each time, he returns to the streets to continue boldly declaring the Gospel message,” VOMC noted.

He is “testifying of the fact that Christ’s life-transforming power is available to all who believe,” the group stressed.

After his release, Chen said he was “grateful” for the time spent in custody as he “was able to share the Gospel” during his detainment. “Thank God for granting me the opportunity to preach the Gospel outside and to [also] share the Gospel in Hengyang Municipal Detention Centre while police detained me…for seven days. And then [I could] proclaim the Gospel in Hengyang Municipal Drug Rehab Centre for eight days, right after the Detention Centre,” he explained in remarks shared with Worthy News.

“Thank God for bringing me home safely…” he said, adding that he hopes his supporters will also pray for “those who heard the Gospel.” His release comes despite a reported crackdown on devoted Christians in Communist-run China.

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