Uganda: Youth pastor killed in Islamic terror attack on church

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A 32-year old youth pastor in Uganda has succumbed to his wounds after being axed in the head during an Islamic terror attack on his church in Kiboga District last month, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Ugandan Christians are coming under increasing attack from Islamic terrorists, although Christianity is legal in Uganda, and Muslims are a minority population there.

Emmanuel Mugabi sustained his ultimately fatal wounds when around 20 Islamic extremists armed with axes, swords, and sticks attacked his church, the Bukomero Miracle Center Church in Bukomero, Kiboga District, on May 20, MSN reports.

In a statement to MSN, Miracle Center church leader Bishop Sserugga John Assaph said the congregation had organized an evangelistic event and were distributing Bibles when the mob of terrorists descended on them shouting the jihadist slogan Allah Akbar [God is greater].

“They pulled down the building while shouting ‘Allah Akbar and thereafter set it on fire with petrol and rubber on timber, burning iron sheets, chairs, Bibles, and other church property,” Bishop Assaph told MSN. “The rescue team found a man in a pool of blood. The police called me to identify the victim, and I found that he was my youth pastor,” Assaph said.

Emmanuel survived in hospital for six days after the attack, during which time he was able to identify one of his attackers by name, a Muslim man called Musa Serunjoji, Assaph said. Emmanuel died on May 26 from a brain injury resulting from an axe blow to his head. The chief of police Lydia Ashaba said an investigation would be launched to apprehend the attackers.

In addition to the loss of its youth pastor, the congregation lost its entire church building, which was completely destroyed by the attackers. “The huge amount of money we spent on building the church and the purchase of church equipment is a great loss to us,” Asspah told MSN. “We are requesting well-wishers to extend a love offering for the rebuilding of our church structure, so that our members may have a shelter to worship.”

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