UN Atomic Agency chief: Iran “very close” to crossing nuclear threshold, “it’s going to happen”

iran nuclear deal

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog has stated it is now inevitable that Iran will indeed cross the uranium enrichment threshold necessary to produce several nuclear bombs, the Jewish National Syndicate (JNS) reports. International Atomic Energy Agency Director Rafael Grossi gave his assessment Monday at the IAEA’s Board of Governors meeting in Vienna, which will run until June 10.

Addressing the IAEA governors, Grossi stressed that Iran is now “very close” to crossing the nuclear threshold and that this cannot be avoided.

“Having a significant quantity [crossing the uranium enrichment threshold] does not mean having a bomb, but … this idea of crossing the line, it’s going to happen,” Grossi said.

Grossi went on to reference an IAEA report showing that Iran has enriched large quantities of uranium at high levels of 60% and 20% percent, and in large quantities. “The total enriched material is defined as 3-SQ, which means a quantity sufficient for three nuclear bombs,” he explained.

The Iranian regime has not given IAEA inspectors any “technically credible” explanations for why it is enriching so much uranium. “Iran has not responded to questions posed by the IAEA—it can’t do it without blatantly lying and without being caught,” Grossi said.

Accordingly, JNS reports, Grossi said he could not confirm that Iran has abided by its “safeguards agreement” as a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty “unless and until” Tehran provided “technically credible explanations for the presence of uranium particles of anthropogenic origin at Turquzabad, Varamin and ‘Marivan’ and informs the Agency of all current locations of the nuclear material and/or of the contaminated equipment.”

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