Poll: Netanyahu’s right wing bloc would win most seats if election was held now

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A poll released by Israel’s Channel 12 News on Monday shows that if a general election were held now, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc would win 60 seats in the Knesset, just one seat short of the majority needed to form a coalition, Israel National News (INN) reports. Led by Netanyahu, the Likud party would have the most seats at 36, Monday’s poll found.

The poll found that Yair Lapid’s center-left Yesh Atid party would finish second with 20 seats if an election were held now, INN reports. Lapid has been serving since June 2021 as Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the current coalition government.

The ultra-nationalist Religious Zionist party would place third with nine seats, INN reports. Shas would receive eight seats and United Torah Judaism seven. The Labor party would receive six seats and Meretz would get four seats.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennet’s Jewish Home party would receive five seats, as would the Islamic Arab Ra’am party. Representing the first time an Arab party has joined the government in Israel, the Islamic Ra’am party led by Mansour Abbas has been part of the governing coalition since June 2021. The Arab Joint List party would also receive five seats.

A separate poll published by Channel 12 last month found that almost a year since the current coalition was formed, 58% of Israeli citizens do not believe it will last another six months, and 44% do not believe it can survive another three months, the Times of Israel reported.

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