Demonically-inspired activists harass pro-life intercessors

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Witch-like demonstrators uttering curses were among thousands of ordinary US citizens who came out in protest against last week’s Supreme Court reversal of abortion rights conferred through the 1973 Roe v Wade case, CBN News reports.

Founder of the Liberty Counsel Christian rights organization Mat Staver reported to CBN that pro-life members of his staff engaged in a prayer event outside the Supreme Court were threatened by apparently demonically inspired counter-demonstrators.

“Black-robed men and women began arriving on the scene, screaming obscenities over the prayers,” Staver said.

“A pro-abortion demonstrator brought a wagon carrying a large boom box blaring satanic ‘music’ and noise. A woman walked right up to our podium and stood next to the pro-life speaker.”

“Every time the pro-lifer spoke, the woman would scream unmentionable curses into a megaphone pointed at the podium microphone. The pro-abortion crowd began cursing the Justices, the people praying, and vehemently cursing God,” Staver continued.

Staver especially noted a man dressed as a warlock targeted senior ladies who were praying. “The warlock would crowd one woman at a time, making the sign of Satan over each woman’s head. As he made the sign, guttural growls and a language our staff could not understand issued from his throat as he spat his demonic curses over the women. One by one, he tried to corner and curse them,” Staver said.

However, Staver said, the intercessors were not deterred and continued with their prayer vigil, despite the threatening behavior of the pro-abortion activists they encountered and the black magic ritual circles and witchcraft paraphernalia covering the sidewalks.

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