Sudan: Church leaders ask for prayer amid escalating violence and fears of return to Islamic extremist law

Church leaders in Sudan are asking for prayer as the nation reels under yet another bout of deadly violence and instability that Islamic extremists may use to bring about the return of harsh Islamic law in the country, Christian Today reports. Hundreds of diplomats from countries including the US and the UK were evacuated Sunday amid fears the violence will continue and intensify.

Scores Killed At Charity Event In Yemen

At least 85 people, including women and children, were killed and over 300 injured in wartorn Yemen’s deadliest stampede in years after gunfire erupted during a charity event in Sanaa, the capital, officials said Thursday.

Retired General Pavel Wins Czech Presidential Elections (Worthy News Radio)

Petr Pavel, a retired general who once saved the lives of dozens of French soldiers, has won the runoff round of the Czech Republic’s presidential elections, official results showed Saturday. He faced Andrej Babis, a populist billionaire and former prime minister who the government didn’t back.

‘Great Pain’ Remembered as Britain’s Ex-Premier Johnson Visits Ukraine (Worthy News Radio)

Pope Francis, who last year unexpectedly visited the Russian embassy in Rome, has expressed concerns about what he calls “the great pain” suffered by the people of Ukraine, where the government fears that Russia is preparing a major military offensive. His words came while former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in Ukraine on Sunday after the Western NATO military alliance failed to unite on sending tanks to the war-facing nation over the weekend.

G7 Gathers As Russia Strikes Ukraine Again

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky was to ask the Group of Seven (G7) of the world’s leading economies to urgently supply Ukraine with air defense weapons, as Russia again rained down cruise missiles on his nation.

Kosovo Postpones Border Measures After Violence

Kosovo’s government has postponed new border rules after clashes in the north of the country where ethnic Serbs blocked roads and gunmen fired on police. The unrest in the Balkans have added to concerns within the NATO military alliance and the European Union about a possible new conflict in Europe, which is already facing war in Ukraine.

Washington DC: Arson, vandalism at three churches on one street

On a single street in Washington DC, two churches were set on fire, and another vandalized at the weekend, in attacks believed to be motivated by last month’s US Supreme Court reversal of the 1973 Roe v Wade case, which had legalized abortion, CBN News reports.

‘Ukraine To Recapture Territory With 1-Million Army’

Ukraine’s defense minister says his nation plans a “million-strong army” equipped with weapons of the western NATO military alliance to retake parts of the country now occupied by the Russian military.

Sri Lanka PM Resigns After Violent Protests

The prime minister of bankrupt Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, has agreed to resign after protestors stormed the president’s residence and office. Parliament and party leaders also demanded that he and the president step down.

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