US Episcopal Church advocates all forms of gender-affirming treatment for people of all ages

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – The US Episcopal Church last month passed a resolution advocating access to gender-affirming treatment “in all forms” and for adults and children “of all ages.” The Episcopal Church is a mainline Protestant denomination that is part of the Anglican Communion.

The Episcopal Church’s House of Deputies passed Resolution D066 (Addressing restrictions on access to gender-affirming care) on July 8 at the denomination’s 80th General Convention. The resolution passed alongside the 80th General Convention’s affirmation that it “celebrates the diversity of human experience, recognizing that we are all made in the image of God.”

With the House of Bishops concurring, the denomination’s House of Deputies acted to adopt Resolution D066: “Resolved, that the 80th General Convention calls for the Episcopal Church to advocate for access to gender-affirming care in all forms (social, medical, or any other) and at all ages as part of our Baptismal call to “respect the dignity of every human being”;

And be it further resolved that the 80th General Convention affirms that all Episcopalians should be able to partake in gender-affirming care with no restriction on movement, autonomy, or timing; and be it further resolved that the 80th General Convention understands that the protection of religious liberty extends to all Episcopalians who may need or desire to access, to utilize, to aid others in the procurement of, or to offer gender-affirming care; and be it further resolved, that this 80th General Convention supports public policies at the local, state, and national levels in all our countries to support gender-affirming care.”

The Episcopal Church opposes the death penalty and supported the civil rights movement. It has called for full equality for LGBTQ people and, at its 78th General Convention, passed a resolution allowing for the blessing of same-sex marriages.

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