Russia’s Upper House Votes To Annex Ukraine Regions

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy

KYIV/BUDAPEST (Worthy News) – The upper house of the Russian parliament voted Tuesday to approve the incorporation of four Ukrainian regions into . Tuesday’s came after Ukrainian troops retook more territory in the areas annexed by Russia.

Russia-backed authorities admitted that ’s forces are advancing near the strategically located southern city of Kherson and consolidating gains in the east.

But Russian officials said Moscow’s forces were still holding out, despite the forced withdrawal of thousands of Russian troops in several regions.

News of the gains came as Kyiv confirmed that Ukraine is offering the complete visibility into its list of intended Russian targets.

Ukrainian officials said they share the information hoping to receive a new set of robust, long-range rocket systems.

There has been unease in about Ukraine possibly being tempted to inside Russia itself as that could potentially escalate into a world .

Ukraine’s offer for the U.S. to see its battle plans gives America, in practice, veto power over Ukrainians targeting of Russia.


Though Ukraine had already recaptured thousands of square kilometers, or miles, in Moscow, legislators approved Russian President Vladimir ’s decision to annex four regions into Ukraine.

Tuesday’s vote by the upper house of Russia’s parliament is part of the formalities needed to confirm what the West views as the “illegal” expansion of Russian territory.

Speaking earlier at the , Ukraine’s U.N. ambassador Sergyi Kyslytsya said Russia rushes with annexation to hide its battlefield losses.

“The puppet show has been organized today to deny the obvious: That the aggressive and adventuristic regime is heading to its imminent defeat,” he said.

The war is believed to have killed and injured at least tens of thousands of people, including many Russian and Ukrainian troops, as well as civilians.

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