US and Japan conduct joint fighter drill following North Korean missile test

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – The US and Japan carried out a joint fighter plane drill Tuesday in immediate response to North Korea’s test firing of a ballistic missile that flew over Japan before landing in the Pacific Ocean, the Manila Times reports.

The Japanese-US decision to carry out the drill was announced after Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida discussed a response to North Korea’s missile with the head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral John Aquilino, the Manila Times said. Kishida told reporters he would also be speaking to US President Joe Biden “to reaffirm the strong coordination between the leaders of Japan and the United States.”

Japan’s Joint Staff said in a statement that Tuesday’s drill involved eight Japanese and four US fighter planes, which conducted a drill over Japan’s Kyushu region.

“As the security environment surrounding Japan grows increasingly severe, including North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile that flew over Japan, the Self-Defense Forces, and the US military conducted a joint exercise,” the Joint Staff said in a statement. “[The forces] confirmed their readiness and demonstrated domestically and abroad the strong determination of Japan and the United States to deal with any situation,” the Joint Staff added.

The first North Korean missile to be fired toward Japan in five years, Pyongyang’s test on Tuesday did not cause any injuries or damage. However, the Japanese government was forced to issue an evacuation warning and tell residents to take cover as the ballistic rocket sailed overhead.

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