Germany registered 5 antisemitic incidents a day in first half of 2022

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office registered an average of five antisemitic incidents every day in the first half of this year alone, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The German Federal Criminal Police Office had reported 1,555 antisemitic incidents by June this year, JPost said. Of these incidents, 55 were classified as “violent,” while non-violent incidents included displays of neo-Nazi symbols and incitement to Jew-hatred.

These figures represent a continued increase in reported antisemitism in recent years: there were 3,027 antisemitic incidents registered in Germany last year, up from 2,351 in 2020, JPost said. The number of incidents was seen to rise during times of heightened tensions and conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, but anger at how the government was handling the pandemic also produced a spike in traditional anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

In a report this year, the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle attested that antisemitism is “deeply rooted” in mainstream German society, and that it is “not just a problem on Germany’s political peripheries.” Nevertheless, studies have shown the issue tends to be most prevalent among far-right and Muslim groups.

Commenting on the situation to German news outlet Die Welt, the president of the Central Council of German Jews, Josef Schuster, said: “In times of crisis, Jews often have to serve as scapegoats.”

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