BREAKING: Protests Across US After Footage Of Tyre Nichols’ Fatal Beating

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

WASHINGTON (Worthy News) – Protests broke out in the United States late Friday after the city of Memphis released footage of the fatal beatings of a Black man by police at a traffic stop.

The footage revealed the incidents that led to Nichols’ death at age 29. Video released Friday included footage showing that Nichols, a FedEx transportation worker, and father, was repeatedly kicked in the head and face while on the ground.

It happened as three police officers appeared to be holding onto him. A fourth officer came into the frame and extended a baton before hitting him in the head and face repeatedly. A fifth officer kicked him again.

After the beating, Nichols, handcuffed, was left on the wet pavement before one officer dragged him to an unmarked car and propped him against it.

Five officers then stood around him until more arrived at the scene. At one point, Nichols could be seen slumping and falling over.

As footage emerged, his mother said the five former police officers involved in her son’s death “disgraced their families.” But with protests underway, his stepfather said he wants peace and for people to protest safely after similar police violence in the past caused deadly riots.

U.S. President Joe Biden, who was briefed on the latest police violence in the nation causing protests, called Nichols’ parents, expressing his condolences and mentioning the loss of his son Beau.

Five police officers, who were fired, face murder charges, prosecutors said. Lawyers for two of the accused ex-officers stressed they would fight the charges. “It was the police culture in the U.S. that killed Tyre Nichols,” lawyer Ben Crump said during a news conference.

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