Transgender Church of England vicar wants to “normalize” gender fluidity for children

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A Church of England transgender vicar has stated they go into UK schools to help “normalize” queerness and gender fluidity among children. Rev. Bingo Allison, a Church of England vicar in the Diocese of Liverpool who identifies as gender-queer, made their statement during an interview with the Liverpool Echo news outlet.

Allison is a father of three and a third-generation ordained priest in the Church of England. During the interview with the Liverpool Echo, Allison said: “I try to get involved in, not just in my religious work but outside it, with the local secular LGBT youth groups.”

“One of the biggest things is just being a visual representation in my community and going into schools, doing assemblies, and making a huge difference in normalizing it for children. When I’m wearing my collar, it lets children know that is OK and that there is a place in church and the outside world for people like me,” Allison added.

Meanwhile, Chuch of England Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has received boxes of petitions calling on him to cancel the highly controversial transgender guidance recently published by the denomination for use in primary schools, Fox News reports.

According to the Church of England, the guidance “is intended as a document to prevent bullying so that all children are afforded their dignity.” However, critics contend the guidance calls for very young children to be affirmed in the opposite sex if they ask for it, Fox News said.

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