Dutch Town Thanks God For Rescue After Boat Sinks

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

URK, NETHERLANDS (Worthy News) – The mayor of the Dutch fishing town of Urk has publicly thanked God for the rescue of a four-person Dutch crew after their boat sank off the coast of Britain.

The crew, all residents of Urk but working on a Belgian-registered fishing vessel, struck rocks
at sea south of Land’s End near Cornwall, Britain’s HM Coastguard confirmed.

“We have just received the worrying message that the cutter Z.525, with an Urker skipper and crew, has sunk off the southwest coast of England,” said Urk’s Mayor Cees van den Bos.

“Fortunately, the crew is safe. We sympathize with them and wish them much strength from God to cope with this event,” he added.

Urk, known for its many churches, has often been praying and mourning for fishermen who didn’t return from sea. The town’s fishermen’s memorial remembers the hundreds who died.

However, on Tuesday, a mayday broadcast was picked up in time by British rescuers. All men are “safe and well,” the HM Coastguard said.


Throughout the ordeal, the “four crew members remained calm,” recalled Dries Boodts of the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center (MRCC) from Belgium. “They immediately sent out a distress signal calling in the British coastguard.”

They left the sinking ship and were able to save themselves in a lifeboat, the MRCC said. “They could be rescued from there a short time later.”

British rescue company RNLI picked them up, and its volunteers took the crew to Newlyn Harbour for further assessment “as they were wet and cold,” officials said.

A British Navy and Coast Guard helicopter was also on standby for the rescue.

At the time of the accident, two Belgian fishing vessels were reported nearby, but their assistance was unnecessary.

“All crew members are safe and sound. The fishing boat is still on site,” said Boodts, with Urk eagerly awaiting their return.

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