Dutch Court Finds Three Guilty Of Downing MH17 Flight

A Dutch court has found three suspects guilty of downing Malaysia Airlines Boeing flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine eight years ago and sentenced them to life imprisonment, prompting anger in Russia.

Dutch Ponder Banning ‘Dangerous’ Parties

An influential governing Dutch party wants to ban parties deemed dangerous for society, in a move that critics say threatens the Netherlands’ liberal, democratic traditions.

Dutch Police Intervene In ‘Conspiracy Protest’

Dutch police confiscated the sound system at an anti-government rally in Amsterdam, where protest organizers played a sound recording by British conspiracy theorist David Icke after he was banned from entering the Netherlands.

Open Doors Founder Brother Andrew Dead At 94

Dutchman Anne van der Bijl, known as the “Brother Andrew” who founded Christian charity Open Doors and became a voice of voiceless persecuted Christians, has died, his group confirmed Wednesday. He passed away in the Dutch town of Harderwijk at age 94.

Dutch Minister Resigns Over Nitrogen Rallies

The Dutch agriculture minister resigned Monday after weeks of protests by farmers who fear for their livelihoods due to the Netherlands’ strictest nitrogen policies in Europe.

Dutch PM Ashamed About Deadly Treatment of Refugees

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says he is ashamed about the treatment of asylum seekers in the Netherlands after a baby and a man died in an overcrowded migrant center while hundreds slept rough outside.

Dutch Commando Shot Dead In US, Two Others Injured

One of three Dutch commandos, who were in the U.S. for training, has died after he and the others were shot outside a hotel in the U.S. city of Indianapolis while off duty, the Dutch defense ministry confirmed Monday.

Abortion Clinic To Arrive In Gulf of Mexico

Pro-abortion activists looked at the seas Monday after a California doctor proposed a floating abortion clinic in the Gulf of Mexico for women in southern states where the procedure is banned.

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