25,000 Ask Czech Government To Leave Over Ukraine, Poverty

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

PRAGUE (Worthy News) – Pressure mounted Sunday on the Czech Republic’s government after up to 25,000 people demanded its resignation amid anger about the Czech military support for Ukraine and high inflation.

The weekend protests in Prague, the capital, came after Petr Pavel, a former Czech army chief and high-level NATO military alliance official, started his five-year term as Czech president. He pledged Thursday to help Ukraine and support painful economic policies.

However, a new political group, PRO, which organized the rally at Prague’s Wenceslas Square, urged the coalition government to resign. Its party leader Jindrich Rajchl said they want “a government to care first of all about the interests of the Czech citizens.”

His group, whose name translates in English to Law, Respect, Expertise, blames the European Union for soaring energy prices. Inflation slightly dropped to 16.7 percent in the Czech Republic in February from 17..5 percent a month earlier.

Ukraine was a vital issue at Saturday’s demonstration, where the crowd called for a peaceful solution to the war. Some people had the letter “Z,” a symbol of the Russian military, on their bags.

“Stop the war, stop NATO,” they chanted.

The Czech Republic has staunchly supported the government in Kyiv since Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

The Central European former Communist country has provided weapons for the Ukrainian military and taken in a half-million refugees from wartorn Ukraine.

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