Christians Anxious As Court Frees Pakistan’s Ex-Premier Khan

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

ISLAMABAD (Worthy News) – Christians expressed anxiety Friday as Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan was released on bail Friday, a day after the Supreme Court ruled his detention on corruption charges was illegal.

However, a court ordered protection from arrest on any other charges only until Monday, raising concerns that he could be almost immediately rearrested on his release.

A Christian evangelist in Punjab province accused the current government of misusing the case to seek to control people by making internet access more difficult. “The government wants to take advantage of this critical situation to cut or reduce regular internet access,” the evangelist told Worthy News.

The evangelist, involved in aid and evangelism among impoverished people, noted that many people “try to buy wifi. But I used mobile internet which was so cheap for me as I can’t effort the other system. But the government makes access difficult.”

However, she noted that Khan supporters have also caused trouble with attacks making traveling more difficult.

She spoke to Worthy News on condition of anonymity due to security concerns after several Christians were detained or attacked for alleged blasphemy against Islam.

The crackdown on the internet reported by her and others also comes as minority Christians and other groups in the Islamic country complained of growing pressure from both authorities and Muslim mobs.


That has further complicated the work of the evangelist and others involved in evangelism and other mission activities, Worthy News learned.

As the political and legal battle unfolded Friday, security was tight as Khan appeared at a hearing at Islamabad high court on Friday seeking bail in multiple cases.

He had been in police custody since Tuesday after being arrested on the court’s premises by almost 100 paramilitary officers.

To the government’s anger, Khan was granted relief on Thursday when the supreme court ruled that the manner of his arrest on court premises was illegal.

It ordered him to seek bail from the high court.

He stayed overnight at a police guesthouse but was no longer a detainee.

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