Dutch Abortion ‘To Save The Planet’ Sparks Christian Outcry

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

THE HAGUE (Worthy News) – Christian activists in the Netherlands have warned of “a culture of death” after a woman was hailed as a hero for aborting her unborn baby “to save the planet.”

Global-warming-fearing Zoé, 25, made headlines in recent days when confirming publicly that she decided against her boyfriend’s wishes to have an abortion.

Having a family is “against my climate principles,” said Zoé, who added that she “unexpectedly” became pregnant. “A child is super polluting; just think of how many diapers you use.”

Zoé disagreed with critics who view abortion in most cases as killing an unborn child. “Giving up my child only affects me personally, but there are worse things, such as major climate disasters.”

Yet she also acknowledged grieving about “my child” in an interview with the Dutch Algemeen Dagblad (General Daily) newspaper.

She added that her parents only learned a year later that their “unborn grandchild” had been aborted.

While still “supporting the choice I made,” Zoé stressed she would not have an abortion again in a subsequent pregnancy. She said she had since realized that “humans are not only the problem but could also provide the solution to the climate crisis.”


Yet “climate psychologist” Chantal van der Leest called the abortion “A very healthy response to an extreme situation.”

She said she understood those who don’t want children because of the apparently rapidly changing climate. “It would be crazy if you didn’t worry. Many people hardly think about how the climate crisis will affect their children.”

Yet Christian commentators of the ‘Cultuur onder Vuur’ (Culture under Fire) publication condemned the abortion and the remarks by the climate psychologist.

The publication is part of the conservative Christian Foundation Civitas Christiana, which claims to fight for Christian values and families.

“According to the ‘climate psychologist,’ it is apparently better to kill unborn children to spare them the suffering of the ‘climate crisis,” the publication argued. However, the truth is that Zoé “did not understand what abortion is, which is the killing of her God-created child.”

She just changed the “killing” with “another narrative for her climate idealism in which humans are not the ‘problem’ but also the ‘solution’ to the supposed climate crisis,” Culture under Fire added.

“Separating waste, having solar panels installed and reusing it; more and more young people are trying to reduce CO2 emissions in their daily lives. For some, however, this clearly does not go far enough,” it said, referring to the abortion.


The controversy comes during growing concerns about perceived militant climate activism in the Netherlands.

Several had already glued themselves to priceless paintings.

And on Monday, authorities confirmed that more than 1,500 climate protesters were detained over the weekend after blocking a major motorway in The Hague, the seat of the Dutch government.

During the protest, organized by the hardline Extinction Rebellion group, activists walked onto the A12 highway demanding “an end to fossil fuel subsidies.”

Police fired water cannons to disperse the crowds – but many came prepared in raincoats and swimsuits.

Most detained protesters were released, but police said 40 would be prosecuted.

Among those at Saturday’s protest were several Dutch celebrities, including actress Carice van Houten, known for playing Melisandre in the television series Game of Thrones. She was detained but later allowed to return home, Dutch media reported.

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