Eritrea Pastors Spend 7,000 Nights In Prison

Two evangelical pastors spent their 7,000th night in detention in Eritrea as part of a broader crackdown on churches declared illegal by authorities, Christians confirmed to Worthy News.

Eritrea Detains Dozens Of Evangelicals

Some 29 evangelical Christians have been detained in Eritrea after security forces raided a home prayer meeting in Asmara, the capital, said Christians familiar with the situation.

Eritrea Detains Elderly Pastors

Three elderly “semi-retired pastors” have been arrested in Eritrea’s capital Asmara apparently, for their faith in Christ, an advocacy group said late Thursday.

Eritrea releases Christian prisoners but is accused of attacking churches

Eritrea has released a further 21 Christian prisoners, but Eritrean forces are accused of attacking churches in neighboring Ethiopia, Christian Today reported Tuesday. Despite these accusations, rights advocates believe the Eritrean release of Christian prisoners may constitute an effort to seek favor with Ethiopia’s Protestant prime minister: Eritrea has freed a total of 171 Christian prisoners since August last year.

Eritrea: Government frees 70 Christians imprisoned for years without trial

The government of Eritrea has released 70 Christians who had been in prison for between two to twelve years without trial, International Christian Concern reports. However, rights advocates do not believe this action by the military dictatorship signals a change in its abusive stance toward Evangelical Christians.

Eritrea Releases 10 Christian Prisoners

Eritrea has released a further 10 Christians from one of its notorious prison facilities bringing the total to nearly 80 freed believers since September, Worthy News learned.

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