Eritrea Detains Dozens Of Christians

Dozens of Christians have been detained in Eritrea in the latest government crackdown on devoted believers, advocacy representatives said Friday.

Eritrean Christians Caught Between Persecutors

Eritrean Christians are being forced to choose between living under a dictatorship that imprisons believers for their faith, or risking their lives by escaping Eritrea by way of Sudan.

Church Leaders Condemn Conditions in Eritrea

Four senior church leaders in Eritrea have published an open letter criticizing the African state as “truly shameful and unacceptable,” according to Barnabas Aid.

Eritrea even persecutes ‘official’ Christians

Eritrea even persecutes its own officially recognized religions.

Just last week, five Christians about to be ordained in Eritrea’s state sanctioned Evangelical Lutheran Church were arrested instead, according to Morning Star News.

Eritrea: “a Giant Prison”

Human Rights Watch described it as “a giant prison” and Reporters without Borders called it “the most repressive nation on earth”.

Eritrea: Christians Continue to Face Persecution

Religious persecution in Eritrea is at its highest ever and getting even worse, according to World Watch Monitor, the news outlet of Open Doors, a Christian charity that ranked Eritrea 10th on its World Watch List.

Eritrea Jails 125 Christians In Campaign Against ‘Illegal’ Worship

There was uncertainty Tuesday, March 5, about the situation of 125 Eritrean Christians who were “beaten and detained” in western Eritrea as part of a new government campaign against Christians worshiping outside the state-backed churches, rights investigators said.

Eritrea, Africa’s ‘North Korea’

Because of its repressive policies, Eritrea has been dubbed the “North Korea of Africa”: currently more than 2,000 Christians are believed to be imprisoned there for their faith.

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