Cuba: Government gives no information on imprisoned pastor

Cuban authorities have still not responded to a written request by five United Nations advocates for information on Pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo of the Monte de Sion Independent Church in Palma Soriano, who has been in prison since his July 2021 arrest during a peaceful protest against the communist government, Christian Headlines (CH) reports.

Cuba Keeps Large House Church Closed

Cuba’s communist authorities refuse to allow a large “house church” to reopen for worship despite easing COVID pandemic restrictions for approved churches, activists say.

Cuban government seeking 10-year jail term for Pastor, “My children and I plead for help”

Authorities in Cuba are looking to impose a 10-year prison sentence on a pastor who participated in nationwide peaceful protests against the government on July 11, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports. Currently held at the Boniato maximum security prison, Pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo of the Monte de Sion Independent Church in Palma Soriano has been charged with ‘public disorder,’ and ‘disrespect’ among other offenses.

Christian rights group slams new Cuban law restricting freedom of speech

The international rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has publicly condemned a new law issued by the Cuban government which restricts freedom of speech online by criminalizing calls to peaceful protest and criticism of the government. Touted as a ‘cybersecurity law, Legal Decree 35 was published on August 17 in the wake of last month’s nationwide protests against the government.

Cuban Pastor Sent to Maximum Security Prison After Peaceful Protest

On July 11th, a Cuban pastor by the name of Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo, and his 17-year-old son, were arrested by State Security officers during a peaceful protest against President Miguel Diaz-Canel’s televised “military order” for revolutionaries to retake the streets by force. Although Pastor Fajardo has not yet been tried or sentenced, he has now been transferred to the Boniato Maximum Security Prison outside of Santiago de Cuba.

Cuba protests: Christian leaders beaten, imprisoned in government crackdown; Call for Christians worldwide to pray; “Help us!”

Christian pastors are among at least 100 people who have been beaten and imprisoned by the Cuban government amid nationwide protests against systemic rights violations, the severe economic crisis, and the surge in COVID-19 cases, the Christian Post reports. Pleading for help from the international community, the wife of an imprisoned pastor has called on Christians worldwide to pray for Cubans suffering government violence.

Christian leaders among those detained by Cuban government amid nationwide protests

Christian leaders are reported to be among people being detained in Cuba amid rare nationwide protests about the country’s lack of freedoms and worsening economic situation, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports. Responding to the demonstrations, Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel has called for “revolutionaries” to fight against the protestors in order to defend the ‘Revolution.’

Cuban Pastor arrested for leading “illegal” church released after 10 days

Pastor Karel Parra Rosabal, who was arrested and detained for 10 days in Cuba on the grounds that he leads an “illegal” church, has been released and told that all charges against him have been dropped, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports. Pastor Parra Rosabal leads the unregistered Fuego y Dinámica Apostolic Church in Jobabo, Las Tunas: the Cuban government refuses to recognize and register Apostolic churches.

International advocacy group calls for immediate release of Cuban pastor detained on “trumped-up charges”

The international Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) human rights organization has called for the immediate release of a pastor who is in custody in Cuba on what the group says are “trumped-up charges.” Cuban pastor Karel Parra Rosabal was arrested in Las Tunas on January 12 apparently because of his involvement with the Apostolic Movement, a network of independent churches that the Cuban government refuses to register, rendering them effectively illegal.

Cuban government authorities demolish Assemblies of God church building and block other churches from opening

Government officials in Cuba have demolished an Assemblies of God church building and are preventing other churches from opening again after COVID-19 measures were lifted, Morning Star News reported Sunday. The Cuban government claimed the building was demolished to lay piping for a cement plant, but such infrastructure would have required the destruction of local homes and the relocation of residents: none of this has happened.

Group of Pastors in Cuba share Gospel through face masks

A group of pastors in Cuba is sharing the gospel message during the coronavirus pandemic by having Scriptures written on face masks to wear and give out as they minister. Fox News learned of this outreach from Vernon Brewer, the CEO and founder of the World Help Christian humanitarian aid organization.

Cuba Cancels Jail Sentence for Homeschooling Dad

A Cuban appeals court has surprised the homeschooling world by reversing a one-year prison sentence imposed on pastor Ramon Rigal for taking his children out of government schools and homeschooling them.

Church Demolitions in Cuba Intensifying

The first half of 2016 has seen church demolitions in Cuba gather pace as the government crackdown on freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) on the island continues. The authorities have also begun to confiscate 1,400 Assemblies of God (AOG) churches that were earmarked for seizure in 2015, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

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