Afghanistan persecution: Taliban have a “hit-list” of Christians to murder

The leader of the underground church in Afghanistan has given a first-hand ground report, explaining that believers are in grave danger and that the Taliban have a “hit-list” of Christians they are searching for to murder, the Christian Post (CP) reports. Known as “Pastor X” for security reasons, the church leader gave his report to the Global Catalytic Ministries non-profit organization.

Evangelist Graham Urges Prayers For Thousands Escaping Afghanistan

American evangelist Franklin Graham has urged believers to pray for the “thousands of people desperately trying to escape from Afghanistan,” including Afghan Christians and up to 15,000 Americans as well as their allies. Graham, son of the late legendary preacher Billy Graham, appealed “after the country’s fall to the Taliban” group, which he called Islamic extremists.

Afghanistan: Persecution of Christians set to intensify under Taliban rule

Rights groups, including Release International, are warning that the persecution of Christians in Afghanistan will likely intensify now the Taliban have taken power and the US and NATO have withdrawn, Christian Today (CT) reports. The Afghan church had been driven underground by Islamic apostasy laws even before the Taliban takeover, but the situation is now reported to be “dire.”

“Fervent prayer” requested for Afghan Christians as NATO troops withdraw

Christians in Islamic Afghanistan are calling for “fervent” prayer as US, NATO, and Australian forces prepare to withdraw all troops by September, Vision Christian Radio radio reports. The US Open Doors watchdog group has rated the level of persecution against Christians in Afghanistan as ‘Extreme,’ even with the presence of US and allied troops in the country.

Afghanistan: Execute Converts to Christianity

A member of the Afghan Parliament recently recommended that Muslim converts to Christ be executed to stop the growth of Christianity among the Islamic nation’s citizens both within Afghanistan’s borders and abroad, according to Aleteia.

No Churches Left in Afghanistan

There aren’t any public churches left standing in Afghanistan, according to the U.S. State Department.

Taliban Execute Man For Leaving Islam For Jesus Christ

Afghani Christians are warned of “dire consequences” should American forces leave Afghanistan, Worthy News has learned. “If U.S. troops are not in Afghanistan the Taliban will come to power,” said Obaid S. Christ, an Afghan Christian exiled to India, said last Tuesday. “We will have the same situation we had in the 1990s when the Russians left Afghanistan, when we had civil war and millions killed.”

Detained Afghan Christian Fears Execution

An Afghan man who was arrested for converting to Christianity and fears hemay be executed, remained behind bars Wednesday, March 30, more than a month after another convert was released amid international pressure.

U.S. Commander Urged To Help Free Detained Afghan Christians

Human rights campaigners on Friday, December 17, urged the U.S. commander in war-torn Afghanistan, David Petraeus, to pressure the Afghan government to release two detained Christians who face the death penalty for “apostasy”, or abandoning Islam.

Humanitarian Aid Workers Massacred by Taliban

Six American and two European aid workers were murdered in northern Afghanistan along with two Afghan colleagues as they were returning to Kabul from a medical mission in a remote mountainous area, Worthy News learned on Sunday, August 8.

Afghanistan Halts Work Church Groups; Christians Concerned

Christian aid workers in Afghanistan faced legal challenges Wednesday, June 2, after authorities ordered two Western church groups to stop their activities amid suspicions they were converting Muslims to Christianity — an offense that carries the death penalty under Afghan law.

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