Orissa Authorities Detain Christian Preachers

A Christian preacher of one of India’s oldest mission organizations has been held in a prison in India’s volatile Orissa state since December over allegations that he has links with a militant group, evangelical leaders said Friday, March 26.

Over 1,000 Anti-Christian Attacks In Indian State, report

An official of one of India’s largest evangelical umbrella groups says his organization recorded over 1,000 anti-Christians attacks in 500 days in the Indian state of Karnataka and that the number is growing “by the day.”

India Pastor Jailed For Converting Hindus, Corpse Exhumed

Police in India’s southern state Karnataka detained a pastor for “forcing” Hindus “to convert” to Christianity, while Hindu extremists exhumed a Christian’s dead body saying it “contaminated” a cemetery’s soil, evangelical leaders confirmed Friday, March 19.

India Police Detain Bishops In Dalit March

Several bishops were detained Friday, March 5, in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu where police halted a protest march against the alleged discrimination of Dalit Christians here and elsewhere in this mainly Hindu nation, Christian officials said.

Missionaries to the Gond People

November 24, 2003 (Gospel for Asia) — Deep in the forests of India, there lives an illiterate, isolated people group called the Gond. They consult witch doctors and worship the gods of nature. They have never heard of Jesus.

Children ‘dedicated’ as temple prostitutes

“When we came to the village, these little girls–only four or five years old–started pulling our hands, wanting us to go to their mothers,” says Arun Massey, director of Rahab’s Trust, an indigenous ministry in India that works with temple prostitutes.

Christians attacked by mob near Bombay

INDIA, 10 May 2000 (Newsroom) – More than 60 Christians attending a two-day religious convention were beaten by a mob of suspected Hindu nationalists in a village about 100 miles northeast of Bombay. None of the injured were hospitalized.

Christians in India’s Parliament demand an end to attacks

NEW DELHI, 14 May 2000 (Newsroom) — Christian members of India’s Parliament have formed a committee to focus attention on growing intolerance of religious minorities throughout the country and demanded that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government take immediate steps to stop the attacks on Christians.

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