North Korea Raids Secret Church, Five Detained

Five Christians have been detained in North Korea and may face death after security forces raided a secret church service, well-informed Christian aid workers told Worthy News.

North Korea: Letter to advocacy group offers rare insight into life for Christians

Offering a rare glimpse into the life of Christians in secretive, isolated North Korea, advocacy group Open Doors UK recently shared a letter from an underground church leader who was exiled to do hard labor in a remote village without the possibility of returning home, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. North Korea is one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians: Open Doors describes the level of persecution there as “extreme.”

New Report Details North Korea Regime Starves, Tortures Christians

A new report by human rights organization Korea Future attests that the North Korean communist regime uses imprisonment, torture, and starvation to persecute Christians, Christian Today (CT) reports. North Korea ranks one on the US Open Doors Watch List 2021 of the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted.

North Koreans Exposed to the Gospel Through Radio Partnership

Amid anti-Christian propaganda from the oppressive North Korean Kim regime, North Koreans are still hearing the truth of the gospel through a partnership between ICC (International Christian Concern) and FNKR (Free North Korea Radio.)

Report: North Korea officials may be committing genocide against Christians

A UK Parliamentary group reported last week that government officials in North Korea have been murdering Christians and other people groups at a rate that may amount to genocide, the Washington Examiner reports. The UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea (APPG) said its report is based on evidence of atrocities committed by North Korean officials against various people groups, including Christians, from 2014 to 2021.

Important new report on religious persecution in North Korea: Christians are the most targeted among faith groups

A groundbreaking new study entitled “Persecuting Faith” has found that Christianity is the most persecuted faith in secretive North Korea, Christianity Today reports. Drawing on the testimonies of 117 defectors, the 2020 report was published by the Korea Future Initiative (KFI) in the hope it will inform any future human rights sanctions applied to North Korea by Western countries.

Church in North Korea Exists but Deeply Underground

There are Christians in North Korea but congregations are typically made up of two or three people from the same family, Fox News reports. The North Korean church exists, but it has had to go deeply underground: under the Kim Jong Un regime, believers – and their families – may face the death penalty or detention if their faith is discovered.

Letter Campaign As Christian Spent 2000th Day In North Korean Jail

Christians have launched a global letter-writing campaign demanding the release of an ethnic Korean believer who spent his 2000th day in a prison inside North Korea. Jang Moon Seok, a deacon, was kidnapped by suspected North Korean agents in November 2014 from China, according to aid workers familiar with the situation. He is currently serving a 15–year prison sentence on charges that friends link to his involvement providing aid to North Koreans and evangelism.

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