Israel sees 128% increase in Jewish immigration

Israel has seen a 128% increase in “Aliyah” – Jewish immigration to Israel – since last September, the Jerusalem Post reports. Israel has taken in 60,000 new immigrants in the last year, compared to 28,500 immigrants the country absorbed last year.

Russia reported to have ordered shutdown of Jewish Agency work

Russia has reportedly ordered the Jewish Agency to stop all work in the country, the Jerusalem Post stated in an exclusive piece on July 5. The Jewish Agency is vitally important in helping Jews from all over the world to immigrate to Israel – a right that is necessary, especially in light of anti-Semitic persecution.

Christian organization evacuates Ukrainian Holocaust survivors to Israel

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) has helped to evacuate more than 620 Jewish people from Ukraine since the ongoing Russian invasion began, including elderly and disabled Holocaust survivors from cities being bombed in airstrikes, the Jerusalem Post reports.

100 Jewish Ukrainian orphans arrive in Israel

Around a hundred Jewish orphans aged 2-18 years old were evacuated from war-torn Ukraine to Israel on Sunday, i24 News reports. The children were taken by bus from their orphanage in northwest Ukraine to Romania, where an Israeli El Al plane picked them up and flew them in.

Dozens of Jewish immigrants arrive in Israel from Ukraine

Almost 100 Jewish Ukrainian new immigrants arrived in Israel on Sunday, as Russia stood poised to invade Ukraine in what would be a catastrophic war, the Times of Israel (TOI) reports. Although the new arrivals had been scheduled to immigrate prior to the current Russian threat to Ukraine, the Israeli government stated on Sunday that Ukrainian Jews will always have a home in Israel.

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