Thousands of Russian Jews now inquiring about emigration to Israel

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Thousands of Jews in Russia have made inquiries about immigrating to Israel since the launch of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, official sources told the Jerusalem Post (JPost).

There are around 1 million Jews still living in Russia, while more than 1 million Jews have emigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union since the 1980s.

The heightened interest of Jews in leaving Russia for Israel comes although the current war is taking place in Ukraine and Russian civilians are not under military attack, JPost said.

Jews anywhere in the world have the right to ‘make Aliyah’ (immigrate) to Israel and acquire Israeli citizenship under the country’s 1950 Law of Return. In 1970, the right of immigration and citizenship was extended to people with one Jewish grandparent and to people whose spouse is Jewish.

According to JPost sources, since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 500 Russian Jews a day have contacted Israeli officials in Russia to apply for Aliyah. Around 3,500 Russian Jews have applied so far.

Meanwhile, the Aliyah and Integration Ministry reports that some 10,000 Ukrainian Jews have inquired about making aliyah, and 3,700 have started the official process since the invasion, JPost said. Israel is reportedly expecting an estimated 10,000 thousand Ukrainian immigrants to arrive within the next few weeks.

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