New German Government Signs Deal

The leaders of the Social Democrats, Greens, and the Free Democrats who pledged to phase-out coal and legalize soft drugs have signed their three-party coalition deal.

Germany Edging Closer To Government

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, came a step closer to having a new government Thursday some 10 days after the German center-left Social Democrats won parliamentary elections.

Germany Demands Humane Treatment Of Migrants At Poland-Belarus Border

Germany has demanded the “humane” treatment of migrants at the European Union’s external border with Belarus. The appeal comes days after Worthy News and other outlets highlights the plight of migrants fleeing war persecution and poverty who are trapped near Poland.

Tough Coalition Talks Underway in Germany

Tough coalition talks have begun in Germany after the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) claimed a narrow victory in Sunday’s federal election. They defeated the conservative block of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, who ruled Germany for 16 years.

Germany’s Leftists Beat Merkel’s Conservatives In Election

Germany’s center-left Social Democrats (SPD) have claimed victory in the federal parliamentary election in a significant political turnaround. The outcome came as a setback for the party of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, who ruled Germany for 16 years.

Germany’s Outgoing Chancellor Merkel Allies Face Tough Election

Germany’s closely fought election on Sunday will set the direction of the European Union’s largest economy following 16 years under Angela Merkel. However, the party of the departing chancellor is scrambling to avoid defeat by its center-left rivals after a rollercoaster campaign.

Russia Warns West Not To Intervene In Afghanistan

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the West not to interfere in Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul, amid signs that China and Russia are increasing their footprint there. The authoritarian leader said Western nations “must stop the irresponsible policy of imposing foreign values from abroad.”

Flood-battered Germany approves major relief package

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet approved a huge emergency aid package Wednesday for flood-stricken regions of Germany and said billions would be needed to rebuild homes, businesses and vital infrastructure.

Belarus Accuses US Of Supporting Coup, Closes Border With Ukraine

Belarus accuses the United States and several of its allies of organizing a coup and says it has closed its border with Ukraine from where weapons allegedly arrive. The autocratic president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said the illegal arms deliveries were coordinated by Washington and some European nations.

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