Netanyahu ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Acceptance of PA Leaders

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday he is “deeply troubled” by the US decision to maintain relations with the new Palestinian unity government, urging Washington to tell the Palestinian president that his alliance with the Hamas militant group is unacceptable.

What language did Jesus speak? Bibi and the Pope Disagree

Pope Francis carried out a headline-grabbing three-day tour of the Holy Land, visiting refugees, hugging clerics and honoring the victims of the Holocaust. But perhaps the most interesting moment of the trip came during an exchange with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a meeting in Jerusalem. The Israeli premier and the pope found occasion for a slight historical quibble.

Netanyahu: There is nobody to negotiate with in Ramallah

The Palestinian leadership is unwilling to make compromises for peace, calling into the question the efficacy of diplomatic negotiations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview published early Thursday.

“One Wall for One People”

western-wallLast year Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tasked Natan Sharansky to redesign the area of the Temple Mount so as to accommodate both traditional and liberal Jews wishing to pray at the Wailing Wall, considered by Judaism to be the last remnant of the Second Temple on Mount Moriah.

Christians join Jews to express support for Israel

christian-support-israelPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Pastor John Hagee and radio personality Glenn Beck all spoke to Israel’s Christian supporters during the sixth annual “Christians United for Israel” summit at the Convention Center in Washington, D.C..

Documents link latest Gaza Flotilla Organizers to Terror

Gaza StripAlthough organizers of the Gaza flotilla claim they have no connection to terror, IDF military intelligence has evidence that reveals flotilla organizers received significant funding from groups that support Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Traditional Values Coalition Joins Israel Solidarity Rally In Washington, DC

Washington, DC – This afternoon, Traditional Values Coalition Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon will join with thousands of Christians, Jews, and other religious groups in an Israel Solidarity Rally to be held at the U.S. Capitol Building between 1-3 p.m. An estimated 50,000 Israel supporters will participate in this event. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to be the featured speaker at this event.

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