Israel Will Not Accept a Reality Dictated by Iran

At Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei and Iranian President Rouhani, saying, “The ruler of Iran, Khamenei, was quoted as saying the U.S. must be fought, regardless of whether there is a [nuclear] agreement. The president of Iran, Rouhani, led a hate march in the streets of Tehran in which U.S. and Israeli flags were burned and many chanted ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel.’

US altered 40-year policy on ’67 lines without consulting Israel

President Barack Obama endorsed the Palestinian position on the 1967 lines in 2011 and by so doing altered more than 40 years of American policy without prior consultation with Israel, former ambassador to the US Michael Oren writes in a book to be published later this month.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Republicans Criticize Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran

Fallout from the Obama administration’s preliminary nuclear deal with Iran stretched from Capitol Hill to Jerusalem on Easter Sunday, with lawmakers vowing to push ahead with legislation that would give them, not the president, the final say on whether the agreement crosses the finish line.

Iran Nuke Deal Worse Than Israel Feared, Netanyahu Says

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday against the emerging nuclear deal with Iran, as Iranian and Western officials in Lausanne, Switzerland were rushing to reach a framework agreement by an end-of-month deadline, the Times of Israel reported.

Netanyahu hails ‘a great victory for our people’

As voting ended in Israel’s Knesset elections Tuesday night, TV exit polls showed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu well placed to retain the premiership, with his Likud party neck and neck with rival Isaac Herzog’s Zionist Union but better positioned to build a coalition. Netanyahu hailed a Likud victory, though Herzog refused to concede, the Times of Israel reported.

Deadline Looms at Midnight as Hamas Threatens ‘War of Attrition’, Israel Will Respond in Full Force to any Hamas strikes

Israeli and Palestinian delegations restarted indirect talks in Cairo over the weekend, however Israeli officials were skeptical a truce could be reached by Monday’s midnight deadline. Over the weekend, Hamas threatened a “war of attrition” if its demands were not met. Meanwhile, Israel threatened “harsh strikes” if Hamas broke the ceasefire with any type of fire against the Jewish state and Israeli officials said “quiet and security’ will be restored ‘one way or another.’

Israel Cabinet Convenes to Discuss Cease-Fire Negotiations

The security cabinet convened in Tel Aviv on Friday morning to discuss the cease-fire agreement and negotiations taking place between Israel and the Palestinians in Cairo, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Netanyahu: Prepare for an Extended Operation (Video)

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared his country for an “extended operation inside Gaza” Monday night as fighting continued as Operation Protective Shield entered its 22nd day.

Full Coverage: Rockets Land Far North Near Lebanon (Videos)

While rockets landed in Tel Aviv and towns near the Lebanon border, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared his nation that Operation Protective Edge could “take time.” Israel continued to build forces on the Gaza border as it warned some residents to leave their homes in preparation of a ground operation.

Abbas’ Fatah Posts Video: “Death is Near”

Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah organization posted a video on its Facebook page just four days after the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, saying “Stop and consider, sons of Zion, that death is near…”

Netanyahu: Hamas Behind Kidnappings, We Will Provide Evidence (Video)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayahu addressed his cabinet today, saying the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are continuing their search for the abducted three Israeli teenagers, and will soon provide to the world incontrovertible proof that Hamas is behind the recent kidnappings.

Tensions Between Netanyahu and Rivlin Apparent in Meeting

Tensions surrounded when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, met with Israel’s President-elect Reuven Rivlin at his official residence in Jerusalem to congratulate him on being elected to office.

Netanyahu: Hamas is Taking Control of Judea and Samaria

International hopes that a Palestinian unity government would strengthen the position of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip; however Hamas is taking control of Judea and Samaria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday.

Tensions Grow Between Washington and Jerusalem

The ministerial team tasked by the government with devising countermoves to the newly formed Hamas-Fatah unity government is scheduled to hold its first meeting Sunday, as Israel’s relations with the United States have become strained once more over the latter’s decision to recognize the new Palestinian government.

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